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Announcement: BrightBull and Increnta form a joint venture to deliver integrated B2B digital marketing services

We are very pleased to announce that BrightBull has officially formed a joint venture with leading European inbound marketing agency Increnta. Increnta is a platinum HubSpot partner and Oracle Gold Partner with clients in 14 countries, specifically in the areas of Publishing, Training and Education, Financial Services, SaaS, Services, Healthcare and Tourism with a portfolio of 300+ clients.

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How to monetise B2B content from your online community

Your team of marketers may already be creating valuable, insightful and market-leading content by the buckletload, and driving additional views to your website, as well as increasing your social media followings; but have you thought about content that will bring in additional revenue? Here is how to monetise B2B content from your online community - you could be sitting on some very easy wins. 

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2 Key Lessons On The Importance of Blogging for B2B Lead Generation

Chances are, if you built your B2B business website in the last 5-6 years, you will either have a blog or at least have been asked whether you wanted one included in the build, even if you said no. Blogs have become ubiquitous, one of those items that is a “must do” for the modern B2B site.

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Facebook for B2B marketing: How to create highly shareable posts

Earlier this week, in Part 1: Facebook for B2B Marketing we looked at some key statistics from research conducted by Marketo that indicated that many businesses don’t get exposure to most of the people who’ve liked their page.

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B2B Marketing Radar: 8 February 2013

Here's our round up of some of the most interesting reads in the B2B marketing stratosphere this week:

Events still pack a punch in the B2B marketing mix

According to Marketingsherpa 72% of B2B marketers believe events still pack a punch! In fact good old traditional outbound methods are definitely not dead - but that's another blog for another time.

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B2B Marketing Radar: 25 January 2013

Hard to believe another week is behind us and we're fast approaching month two of 2013! Well here's our Friday round up of some of the most useful B2B marketing and event marketing stories we've come across this week.

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How to recycle your B2B Marketing Content

Everybody's talking about it but unfortunately not everyone is doing it. B2B content marketing needn’t be scary! Besides, how does the saying go? "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"

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Most Talked About B2B Marketing Resolutions for 2013

It's hard to believe that another year has gone and we're kicking off 2013. With mince pies and mulled wine season out of the way, there's a real sense of excitement, optimism and change in the crisp winter air.

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Fresh tongue-in-cheek marketing tactics for Olympics

If anyone’s seen the new “Don’t Fly” campaign by British Airways, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a pretty brave and bold campaign. BA says the “tongue-in-cheek” advertising campaign is to encourage Britons to stay in the UK and “rally the country to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB.”

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'Marketing Week Live' mailing piece lands

I received the Marketing Week Live! mailer through my letterbox this morning – 2 weeks before the big event. I can’t recall if I’ve received any prior to this, but this one grabbed my attention. I’m sure many of you have received the same mailing – final campaign efforts are kicking in to ensure pre-registrations are hitting target.

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Coming up with tomorrow's great ideas

I scheduled some time in my diary this morning to start the week a little differently – simply read. There’s so much great stuff out there to inspire and educate that sometimes one just needs to break the pattern! The workload and the deadlines will always be there, so why not create your day in a way which will bring out your best.

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Best Queen's Jubilee Marketing Campaigns

The British nation have gone a little crazy with the Jubilee – there’s a real buzz and excitement in the air and I have to say it’s been great to see all the creative products and campaigns flying around. So in the spirit of all the celebrations, I wanted to share some of my favourite campaigns (not so relevant for B2B but seeing it’s a Friday let’s have a bit of fun!)

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The 10 Most Important Marketing Trends

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company WPP, gives his take on the key global trends facing marketers and agencies in: The 10 Most Important Marketing Trends According to Sir Martin Sorrell - Forbes Magazine.

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Trials and tribulations of recruiting marketing superstars

We’re been in the midst of a recruitment frenzy and it has to be said that I’ve never heard so many fibs and bad excuses before. I thought it was supposed to be tough out there in the job market? Clearly not with some of the folk we’ve seen apply or go through the interview process. Sorry, this blog is a bit of a moan but it should also give you some pointers on what to look out for when recruiting marketing talent.

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Marketing's Power 100: The UK's Top Marketers

Marketing have released their annual ‘Power 100: The UK’s Top Marketers‘. It celebrates the marketers who have had the biggest impact over the past 12 months.

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Top 100 Content Marketing Examples

Need some inspiration and new ideas for your content marketing strategy. This is a great, great resource for all marketers to check out: Content Marketing Institute’s ‘100 Content Marketing Examples‘ – whether you’re at the start of your content journey or trying to find new and exciting ways to engage – here’s a good mix of B2B and B2C examples to mull over and learn from. Some of my favourites:

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Well I say... An Infographic on infographics

We all know how hot infographics have become in social marketing and how powerful they can be – it’s a great way to take complex, detailed or sometimes dry concepts and transforming them into something engaging and more intuitive. These visual messages have certainly become an important weapon in B2B social and content marketing strategies.

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Content marketing is hot - but everyone's doing it!

Content marketing was the big thing for marketers in 2011 and for those still catching up it’s forming a big part of your 2012 marketing strategy too. But now that everyone seems to be jumping on the content bandwagon it’s becoming even more challenging for marketers to set themselves apart from the competition.

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Follow up Blog - a B2B Pinterest Case Study

Following on from the blog we posted back in March ‘Leverage Pinterest for B2B Marketing‘, here’s a great Marketingsherpa case study from a B2B company that’s making the most of Pinterest.

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