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Top 100 Content Marketing Examples

Need some inspiration and new ideas for your content marketing strategy. This is a great, great resource for all marketers to check out: Content Marketing Institute’s ‘100 Content Marketing Examples‘ – whether you’re at the start of your content journey or trying to find new and exciting ways to engage – here’s a good mix of B2B and B2C examples to mull over and learn from. Some of my favourites:

  • Example 3: IBM’s business simulation game, “CityOne”
  • Example 30: Logitech’s storytelling web video
  • Example 33: Agilent puts fun into science with their unexpected humorous approach
  • Example 58: Unilever’s Adrenalist website ties in with a specific product line
  • My favourite – Example 82: Coca Cola’s narrative style videos. They cleverly share their strategy on ‘doubling their business’ through a very personal, two-way communications feel. Love this! Check out the video.

Source: Content Marketing Institute – CMI eBook

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