ToFu - Hot Secrets to Accelerate and Automate Your Event Sales Process

Webinar: Hot Secrets to Accelerate and Automate Your Event Sales Process

The best sales people in events are not the ones that make the most number of calls, but the ones that use technology and data to their advantage.


Watch webinar session to learn about the top tools and tactics that you and your sales team should be using to increase productivity, gain more data insight and better results. Spend more time engaging with potential clients, building relationships and converting leads instead of wasting time on admin.

Webinar - Hot Secrets to Accelerate and Automate Your Event Sales Process

Data Protocol Updated

Maximising your Customer Database for Event Businesses

Your contact database is the lifeblood of your business, without it, you are nothing.

How certain are you on maximising your contact database?



PPC for Events: How to reach your attendee numbers using pay per click, on Search, Social, Display & Remarketing

A must-watch session for companies/individuals running B2B Events, Conferences, Exhibitions and Webinars. Director of PPC for events expert Laura Davidson shares us her in-depth analysis and insights on the PPC campaigns she has been running for her client's B2B events. Start your PPC campaign with this guide and get a free consultation if you wish so.



Golden Rules For Attracting and Keeping Hold of The Best Event Marketers Around

An extensive guide for attracting and keeping hold of your best event marketers. This guide includes a blog and a 1-hour video recording of the webinar with two industry experts explaining and sharing their experience on placing top event marketing talents for over 20 years. Sign up now and build your great event marketing team.



Dissecting the 12 Key Traits of a New School Event Marketer

Your go-to guide to the key traits that identify a new school event marketer - plus expert insights, best practices and tips to really help you transform your teams into an inspiring clan of super-event marketers.

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing

Realising ROI from your online community

Realising ROI from your online B2B community

The business case for forward thinking event companies wanting to gain an edge against its competitors

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


Time Saving Tips for Event Marketers

Time is the most valuable resource for marketers and this guide give you actionable tips on how you can get a handle on yours.

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


Social Media: The Missing Link in Exhibition Promotion

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if most of your sponsors, exhibitors and visitors shared your content with their networks?



How to Develop a Simple Content Marketing Plan for Associations

Demonstrate that you are the leading authority and learn how you can develop a simple content marketing plan to drive members and non-members to your association's website.



How to turn 1 video into 12 months worth of content to promote your event

The aim of this presentation is to show event professionals how to repurpose video content from an event and how to use it to build a content strategy that generates visitors, leads and delegates.


What can media companies learn from the events industry lead generation machine

7 lead generation tactics for media publishers

What can media companies learn from the events industry lead generation machine? 7 lead generation tactics for media publishers


B2B Lead Generation Lessons From 4,000 Businesses

We partnered with Hubspot on this ebook providing exclusive insight from 4,000 of their clients' lead generation tactics, so you can learn how to drastically improve the quality of traffic to your site and generate quality leads.    

B2B Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses

11 Most Talked About Predictions For The Conference And Events Industry

11 Most Talked About Predictions For The Conference And Events Industry

The conference industry is changing fast, and event marketers need to keep on top of the trends unfolding in order to keep up with the competition - and surpass them.Eleven most talked about predictions for the conference and events industry

17 examples of b2b online communities


17 Examples of B2B Online Communities

Creating an online community is the number one priority for CEOs and MDs of leading B2B event organisations. But where to start? Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


10 Best Avoided Event Marketing Mistakes

From fundamentals such as not allocating sufficient time for event marketing, to more advanced pitfalls like neglecting to integrate marketing channels, this ebook details the most common traps marketers fall into - and tells you how to avoid doing so yourself. 

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing     



30 Experts Predict The Event Trends That Will Shape Your 2015

What one trend, challenge or opportunity are you predicting will impact the events industry most in 2015?

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


14 Essentials to Make Killer Event and Conference Websites

Are you optimising your online first impression?

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


Marketing Partner Research Checklist

Marketing partners are hugely valuable to event companies - the difficulty is in securing them. A one-size-fits-all approach just won't cut it, and if your team fail to do their research before speaking to prospective partners, your success rate will remain low.

Ten most common mistakes in event marketing


Comparison of marketing automation platforms

We unlock the secrets of marketing automation platforms for you


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We're offering a free B2B marketing best practice review. Refresh your marketing strategy, identify opportunties for growth, and see where your current marketing activities compare against the benchmark.

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