Bringing Your Community Alive Through Virtual

Communities really come alive when they are interacting and engaging in a live environment.

In this conversation with Sasha Frieze we delved into how organisations will be able to bring their community alive though a live, hybrid or virtual environment.

How to do that?

  • Content 
  • Community 
  • Connection


Episodic Marketing - How to build a binge-worthy show for your brand

Did you ever wonder how brands keep their audiences coming back and cut through the noise?

Learn how some brands are building their own binge-worthy video series to grow sales and thought leadership, and how you can too. This talk is by Kareem Mostafa, author of the book Original Series and Co-founder of content repurposing platform tribetactics.


Successful Digital Pivot Stories - Why should you build your own studio

Everybody seems to be running webinars and many are creating podcasts too - and many are bringing a physical event into a virtual one (we have seen this might not be the way forward for all).

But not many have tried to build their own studio and experiment with a non-conventional format to deliver an event experience.
For Adam Barber CEO of the Tamarindo Group, their version of virtual meant that they wanted to build their own studio.


Diving into the DNA of successful B2B Online communities

In this session Ashley Friedlein, probably one of the most knowledgeable figures on the topic of B2B communities will be sharing key insights on community management.

Ashley has built one of the most successful community for the marketing industry and now Guild is fast becoming a name in the business messaging and community apps world. So if there's anyone that can guide you on your community journey it's most certainly Ashley. 


The Digital Pivot - What it really means

It is not about virtual events, although it is part of it; it is not about giving your postponed event clients and audiences free inventory and content, although you should. 

Julian Graves, Chairman and Director of Scaleup Advisory at Collingwood advisory talked us through the real meaning of the Digital Pivot for B2B Event professionals. It means going deeper into the business model pivot and the ever critical need to deliver value and quality.


A Month into the Digital Pivot - What can be learned from those that ran a virtual event?

What are the learnings from those that have successfully ran virtual events? 

Jo Lankester, Managing Director at White October Events, Fergus Gregory, Director at Collingwood Advisory, and Raoul Monks, Founder and Director at Flume Training, shared with us their experiences, the good and the bad of running a virtual events.


From Digital Marketing to the Digital Transformation of Marketing & Sales

How to re-engineer your processes to use the power of web and internet based systems to change the way you work and reach to clients

This is the new norm, it is not about inbound, it is not about online communities or changes in your digital marketing. It is more important and critical than this.


From Digital Introvert to Digital Extrovert on LinkedIn

A simple masterclass on how you can build your presence as a person of influence.

Becoming a LinkedIn Extrovert!!! This is the single most important thing for sales teams right now, even more, if you are in marketing, content/production teams you need to stay top of mind with your audience.


How to Build an Online Community from Scratch on LinkedIn

If you are not on LinkedIn, you are losing the game. Hear of case studies on how you can build an online community from scratch in this platform

We have a very special guest, who build his own community and events organically using no paid traffic or advertising. It there is a time to build this it is now.


Best Sequences to Automate your Event Marketing

Learn sequences that tech savvy marketers are using to make their lives simpler and get better results

Learn about the top tools and tactics that you and your team should be using to increase productivity, automate campaigns and get better results.


Hot Secrets to Accelerate and Automate Your Sales Process

The best sales people in events are not the ones that make the most number of calls, but the ones that use technology and data to their advantage.

Learn about the top tools and tactics that you and your sales team should be using to increase productivity, gain more data insight and better results. Spend more time engaging with potential clients, building relationships and converting leads instead of wasting time on admin.


Golden Rules for Attracting and Keeping Hold of the Best Event Marketers Around

Let’s be honest, recruiting quality candidates can be difficult. Recruiting outstanding marketers is even harder! Especially in this marketing age where applicants need to be armed with an array of competencies and skills.

We're very much in a candidates market and there are key aspects that event and media organisations need to consider in order to successfully attract brilliant marketing talent.

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PPC for B2B Events

How to reach your attendee numbers using pay-per-click on search, social, display and remarketing.

A must-watch session for companies running B2B Events, Conferences, Exhibitions and Webinars.

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