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We’ve been delivering in-house marketing training for a long time now and kept getting asked for publicly available courses, especially for B2B, media, online communities, events and conference organisations. We know we have something unique and dynamic to offer to what’s already out there and we deliver it in an honest, practical, no nonsense way. 

Our workshops are designed in a hack-a-thon style specifically tailored to truly accelerate your marketing in ways that are aligned with your business vision and marketing goals and we collaborate with all our attendees to make it totally relevant and tangible for them.


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Workshop 1:
Building a Minimum Viable Community (MVC)

How to launch and scale an engaging online community with impact and results

The time has come for B2B companies to get serious about engaging with their audiences. The barriers to entry into the virtual events, online content and communities spaces have come down and really anyone can challenge the status quo from their very own living room. 

Traditional B2B media, event and membership based companies like you have had to think FAST on how they're going to: 

  • Preserve market share
  • Get closer to their audiences and customers
  • Add more value on a more consistent basis
  • Stay top of mind in their relevant industries
  • Engage their audiences in different ways, on their terms, when they prefer

Building B2B communities is now an absolute imperative but is perceived as a big, lengthy and expensive undertaking. But, it doesn’t have to be. 

You might not know where to begin and don’t have a simple and cohesive plan to follow. You need to assess both the financial and non financial ROI and impact of such a decision. 

This is where building a minimum viable community is the most sensible and smart way. Unless you have a sound and probably very costly strategy with paid social media and display your content and brand  is not going to get the exposure you need to grow your business. Building your own online community is sustainable and scaleable once you have a plan and framework.

BrightBull has developed a very simple framework for B2B Community Building, this workshop shares an easy-to-follow step by step process that helps you understand and define what type of community makes the most sense for your vision, business goals and your audience.

This workshop includes: 

  • The fundamental building blocks of community building, how to grow it and how to maintain it
  • How to plan, launch and grow an online community with a clear MVC roadmap and solid strategy
  • The 4 B2B online community building blocks every online community needs to prioritise
  • An online community management framework – how to resource your community and use time effectively for optimum results
  • Understand the minimum investment and resources required to build your community 
  • Create a community that compliments not cannibalises
  • How to connect your events and community strategies to create a symbiotic partnership
  • Understand the benchmarks and KPI's of success and how to measure them in your community building efforts
  • 6 tangible outcomes of a successful B2B online community
  • Community Based Marketing in the new world of marketing and the dos and don’ts
  • The tactical steps needed for building your community
  • How to really understand and get to know your audience
  • Use this customer insight to create a community loved by your members
  • Build the concepts ready for market and launch + work together over the next 6 months

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"Ricardo is a genius! Building a viable community isn't something you would usually think about but to explore the process is a great skill to add under your marketing belt. It will provide our marketing team with the tools and framework for building micro communities. We had a clear plan for our own work once the course was completed.
Head of Marketing, Haymarket



Most Popular
Workshop 2:

The Essentials of Event Marketing in a Post Pandemic World 

  • Walking through the different types of event funnels
  • Diving into event marketing cycles and how the pandemic has affected event marketing
  • Defining the key pillars of physical, hybrid and virtual events
  • Diving into pre, during and post event
  • How to create a winning event marketing campaign
  • Proven lead generation channels
  • How to get the most bang for your marketing buck
  • The science behind what success looks like now
  • Using marketing analytics to amp up your game plan
  • Maximising your marketing partnerships
  • The must haves for your event website
  • How to create quality content marketing

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"It was very eye opening to see how we can enhance our current marketing practices. Anyone starting out in event marketing should know these concepts. It really helped us think through what we're currently doing right now and what we could do better. It highlighted the gaps in our marketing program."

Executive Marketing Director, Wall Street Journal


Workshop 3:
Build your Content Marketing Framework for Events:

Create powerful content that converts visitors to customers

We hear this a lot - "we just don't have the time or resources to create content." This workshop is for you - it's all about putting a simple framework in place to create, repurpose and amplify your content in the easiest possible way. Content which you probably already have! We will cover: 

  • The secret formula to change existing assets into top notch content
  • How to magically multiply one content piece into many, with minimal effort
  • Turn up the heat: Drive traffic and engagement via amplifying your content
  • The science of success: Measuring the impact of your content marketing
  • Create a content plan that’ll trigger the right reaction from your target market
  • Persona-based marketing: give your audiences the content they crave
  • Automated success: how to maximise the impact of marketing automation in your content campaigns

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Recently Ricardo flew over to our Dubai office to facilitate a Marketing Away Day on 'Content marketing to drive leads and registrations'. The day went exceptionally well with attendees leaving enthused, inspired and with lots of practical ideas to implement. Ricardo met all my objectives, shared great advice and new insights.
Marketing Director, dmg events Middle East & Asia



Workshop 4:
Buyer Persona + Buyer Journey Workshops

Define your ideal customer profiles and build the right foundations for your marketing strategy 

This workshop will guide you through the step-by-step process of building a detailed buyer persona that will fuel your marketing campaigns and become your master framework for all your campaigns and marketing assets. 

Every marketing asset, whether video, blogs, social, email should be built upon this master persona framework. Buyer personas help us provide the right message to the right person at the right time and is absolutely fundamental in building a successful strategy and making profitable marketing decisions for your business. The challenge is that most companies build buyer personas that just aren't insightful enough. They often focus on demographic data such as gender, age, income, spend, geographic location etc and don't provide any actionable insights like pains, needs and wants.

This workshop includes: 

  • How to create your buyer personas with step by step worksheets
  • What a good buyer persona looks like
  • Uncovering your customer segments and understanding who your ideal customer is
  • Identifying your customer's challenges, pain points, needs and wants 
  • How to apply this customer insight to your marketing strategy
  • Creating targeted and relevant messaging that speaks to your buyer’s needs and emotions
  • Providing the tools to create your marketing plans according to your buyer personas
  • Create a marketing plan by assessing existing marketing assets for content topics and marketing activities
  • Understand the buyer's journey for each of your personas
  • How to reach and influence customers at each stage of the journey and creating an actionable plan


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"BrightBull have provided Argus Media with valuable expertise and training. We have worked closely with them to train up key individuals in our marketing team and also to deliver information to the global conference leadership group. I can see the progression in the business, with a real emphasis on cutting edge, innovative event marketing tactics. This is more than ‘standard’ training - they come in, take time to understand the business and then deliver what’s relevant. I trust in their training and plan to have more marketers put through their programme. I would highly recommend them to any organisation looking to give their marketing talent a boost."
SVP, Global Conference Group, Argus Media


Workshop 5:
The Art and Science of Marketing Messaging + Segmentation for Events

Today we live in a world where whoever makes the most amount of noise or has the biggest budget to claim your audience's attention is the one that is winning. B2B Media and event organisations are facing true challenges in particular with email marketing, social media management and search engine optimisation. This is a big problem as these are the only tools available to you that are free and immediate.

Getting your messaging and audience segmentation right is an absolute must. This workshop will share with you key strategies and frameworks to align all your key channels and drive a cohesive, stimulating and eye-catching messaging strategy.

In this session we will cover:

  • Defining segments and audiences
  • Getting your positioning right
  • Personalisation and tailoring your message to each segment/audience
  • Crafting your messaging
  • What is the difference between feature based vs benefit based
  • 3 essential tools in using power words in your messaging
  • Choosing the right images and thinking outside the box for your event content
  • Building the perfect email that hits a chord with your audience

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"We were just reading some of the many, many messages and reshares and we realised the advice you gave us once in one of your workshops definitely deserves a chunk of the credit. You advised us to find a way to engage with our industry that was purely giving - a long game strategy but if you get it right it really pays off"
Co-Founder, Open Future World 


Workshop 6:
The Art & Science of Email Marketing for Events

Event companies love email, rely on it heavily but usually aren't so successful at it. This Accelerator Lab shares tested and proven methods to increase your open and click-through rates and helps you identify if you have old school habits that are killing your conversion rates. Most importantly you'll learn what types of emails are most appropriate for the right buying cycle, as well as crafting attention grabbing subject headers.

  • How to use new email types and techniques to transform your results 
  • Email measurement + going beyond CTR’s
  • How to create attention grabbing subject headers
  • Creating email workflows and harnessing technology for clever automated email marketing
  • What a successful email marketing plan looks like
  • See how you measure up: Benchmark against our latest industry stats
  • The new best practice rules for email marketing

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We hired BrightBull to innovate our bog standard event marketing with a view to developing our online content brand and driving content led marketing to generate, foster and convert leads across sponsorship, exhibition, delegates and exhibition visitors. I have a natural scepticism towards external consultants but honesty couldn't be happier with the work BrightBull has done. Ricardo is very forward thinking and has brought an abundance of cutting edge ideas to the table. It was extremely worthwhile with clearly demonstrable ROI.
Not only have we established a great online content brand and community and improved on our event marketing, we're also generating far more leads of a far higher quality with clear processes to nurture and convert these leads in the most appropriate manner. This has massively boosted the role of marketing within the organisation which is now a well oiled machine and BrightBull has given us a clear framework to ensure that our marketing continues to improve and go from strength to strength. It has also been a relief to reduce the burden on outbound sales.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BrightBull and look forward to seeing how their ideas develop over time as I certainly think he has a lot to offer to any media and event businesses that are looking to push their marketing ahead of the curve.
CEO, Global Transport Forum


Workshop 7:
Building Creative Marketing Partnerships for Events

  • The foundations needed in building effective marketing partnerships
  • The tools for great insightful research that helps you truly understanding your market landscape
  • Looking beyond classic partnership profile companies
  • How to add value to your partners by truly understanding their needs
  • How to gain powerful exposure and value from your potential partners
  • Exploring examples of creative partnerships

Workshop 8:
Generating More Sales through the Power of Video

  • How to harness and repurpose video assets to drive sales and revenue
  • Developing a video strategy
  • How video can be used throughout a marketing campaign
  • Using video in the sales process
  • How and where to use video in the sales cycle
  • How best to share and promote your videos
  • How to measure the ROI of video for sales
  • How to get started with video for cheaper than you’d think
  • The essential tips and tools for video marketing
  • Video Hosting & Technology
  • Seo Best Practices For Videos

Workshop 9:
Getting your numbers right - Marketing Analytics and Driving Leads + Conversions

  • Get to know your marketing numbers intimately
  • Learning what marketing analysis is crucial throughout the customer buying journey
  • Exploring event industry success benchmarks and KPIs
  • Defining and setting up your own benchmarks
  • Setting up HubSpot/CRM Dashboards for High Level Analytics
  • How do you know if you are going to meet your event marketing targets by looking at your data?
  • Taking action from insight derived from Analysis
  • What do your email marketing analytics tell you and how to improve your emails
  • What do your social media analytics tell you and how to improve your social outreach


“Events marketing is a clear passion for Ricardo and this is evident throughout all the training sessions. Ricardo’s exuberance during the training sessions left our team inspired and enthused to implement the insights gained. For a department with a range of marketing knowledge, Ricardo was able to provide informative sessions that was suitable for all - a tricky task.”
Marketing Director, Energy Council


Workshop 10:
SEO for Events

This is a Hackathon style workshop to set you up with a solid SEO strategy for your event. We will cover: 

  • Understand the key elements of SEO for events
  • Why you don't need a marketing agency to run your SEO
  • Exploring your existing buyer personas
  • A deep dive into your existing SEO and keyword strategies per persona
  • Building pillar pages and SEO structure in your marketing platform
  • How to optimize your event website for Google Search
  • Increase your online visibility organically to boost attendance
  • SEO best practice and cheat sheets for events 


Workshop 11:
Social Media Solutions for Events

This Accelerator Lab really focuses on what's worth investing your time and resource on and pays special attention to the networks that most matter for your event. Learn about the tools that make social media posting, tracking and engagement very easy and how you can turn everyone into a social media star by adopting a simple social media routine. You'll also learn: 

  • Build a social media action plan and routine for your event / community 
  • How to leverage the right social media channels for your product 
  • Create a social media culture across your whole organisation - empower the people
  • Creating a simple social media routine 
  • Smart social media measurement tools and hacks for ease + time effectiveness
  • How to monetise and link your social media efforts to leads + sales 
  • How to create real influence using LinkedIn and other social media channels for marketing events efficiently
  • Simple toolkits and frameworks that drive traffic and conversions from social media

Workshop 12:
Marketing and Sales Automation for Events

  • an introduction to the importance of marketing automation, especially for events
  • Exploring the most successful marketing automation sequences in events marketing
  • Diving into effective results driven sales automation sequences for events
  • Exploring marketing technology options 


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