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Innovative, collaborative workshops that deliver new and winning formulas for your event marketing. Join a fresh marketing movement and an elite tribe of event professionals who are daring to do things differently.

It's event marketing training, but not as you know it...

Discover a dramatically different way to learn and develop new strategies.

We’ve been delivering in-house event marketing training for some time and kept getting asked for publicly available courses. We knew we’d got something unique to add to what’s already available, with a truly cutting edge view on event marketing delivered in an honest, practical, no nonsense way. 

The workshops are designed to reflect the new face of event marketing. Attendees will be joining a fresh marketing movement, an elite tribe of event professionals who are doing things in a different, more effective way, breaking with tradition and reaping the rewards. We call them "Accelerator Labs." You can hold your place for 2017 dates or we can even work with you and your team to organise the ideal place and time. 




Essential Elements of Event Marketing:
How to get quality leads, conversions and sales flowing

Create a winning event marketing campaign fit for a modern world. Learn what it means to be a part of the new school of marketing, complete with the latest toolkit and methodologies. This is a must-attend workshop for new marketers in young event marketing teams. In this module, you'll also cover:

> Proven lead generation channels that are getting results in the industry today
> How to get the most bang for your marketing buck
> The science behind what success looks like now
> How event marketing cycles & booking patterns are changing
> Using analysis to amp up your game plan
> Maximising your partnerships and get more from every deal
> The modern day must haves for your event website
> The do’s and don’ts of email marketing in 2016
> Taking the quick and easy route to quality content marketing

For full workshop information, taster tips and exclusive event marketing content, download the workshop guide.

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BrightBull have provided Argus Media with valuable expertise and training. We have worked closely with them to train up key individuals in our marketing team and also to deliver information to the global conference leadership group. I can see the progression in the business, with a real emphasis on cutting edge, innovative event marketing tactics. This is more than ‘standard’ training - they come in, take time to understand the business and then deliver what’s relevant. I trust in their training and plan to have more marketers put through their programme. I would highly recommend them to any organisation looking to give their marketing talent a boost.


Alex Cameron - SVP, Global Conference Group - Argus Media


The Anatomy of Inbound Marketing for Events:
The proven method of pulling in the right leads and delegates

In this Accelerator Lab you’ll learn inbound strategies and techniques that will transform your event marketing and the proven method of pulling in the right leads and delegates. Additionally you will get support in designing a custom plan to implement in your organisation or next event. You'll also explore: 

> A proven, successful model for inbound event marketing
> Mastering the key elements of inbound marketing: 
Funnel Stages, Buyer Cycles & Buyer Personas
> How to build killer content for each stage of your campaign
> The latest tools to help you build an inbound infrastructure
> What success looks like: Measuring and reporting with surgical precision

For full workshop information, taster tips and exclusive event marketing content, download the workshop guide.

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Events marketing is a clear passion for Ricardo and this is evident throughout all the training sessions. Ricardo’s exuberance during the training sessions left our team inspired and enthused to implement the insights gained. For a department with a range of marketing knowledge, Ricardo was able to provide informative sessions that was suitable for all - a tricky task.

Eleni Stenzel - Marketing Director, Oil & Gas Council


Content Marketing Chemistry:
Create powerful content that converts visitors to delegates

When lack of resources and time is holding you back from creating content, it's all about having the framework to create, repurpose and amplify in the easiest possible way. In this session we'll also cover tips from the content marketing kings HubSpot and how they go about creating quality content and making it so sticky, as well as:

> The secret formula to change existing assets into top notch content
> How to magically multiply one content piece into many, with minimal effort
> Turn up the heat: Drive traffic and engagement, amplifying your content
> The science of success: Measuring the impact of your content marketing
> Create a content plan that’ll trigger the right reaction from your target market
> Persona-based marketing: give your audiences the content they crave
> Automated success: how to maximise the impact of marketing automation in your content campaigns

For full workshop information, taster tips and exclusive event marketing content, download the workshop guide.

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“Recently Ricardo flew over to our Dubai office to facilitate a Marketing Away Day on 'Content marketing to drive leads and registrations'. The day went exceptionally well with attendees leaving enthused, inspired and with lots of practical ideas to implement. Ricardo met all my objectives, shared great advice and new insights.” 

Faye Rosewall Black - Marketing Director, dmg events Middle East & Asia


Social Media Solutions for Events:
Apply the latest strategies to get sensational results.

This Accelerator Lab really focuses on what's worth investing your time and resource on and pays special attention to the networks that most matter for your event. Learn about the tools that make social media posting, tracking and engagement very easy and how you can turn everyone into a social media star by adopting a simple 15 minute a day routine. You'll also learn: 

> Get to know the big shots: Identify & engage the influencers in your industry
> Develop a smart LinkedIn strategy that’ll get you noticed AND get people talking
> How to leverage Twitter: The latest tips for trends, tweets and tools.
> Develop social media muscle with our no-brainer “routine”
> Smarter social media measurement with the latest tools

For full workshop information, taster tips and exclusive event marketing content, download the workshop guide.

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The Art & Science of Email Marketing for Events:
Learn what today’s marketers do to get exceptional results from email.

Event companies love email, rely heavily on it but usually aren't great at it. This Acceletator Lab shares tested and proven methods to increase your open and click-through rates and helps you identify if you have old school habits that are killing your conversion rates. Most importantly you'll learn what types of emails are most appropriate for the right buying cycle, as well as crafting attention grabbing subject headers.

> What the modern marketer’s email marketing plan looks like
> See how you measure up: Benchmark against our exclusive industry stats
> The new best practice rules for email marketing in 2016
> How to use new email types and techniques to transform your results
> Measurement: Go beyond your CTR and open up a brave new world
> The ideal email workflow and how it will transform your email marketing

For full workshop information, taster tips and exclusive event marketing content, download the workshop guide.

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