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Your blog (powerpoint, ebook, email, or social media post) is nearly ready and you ask a colleague, the boss or your team to check it over and the feedback is..."Great post, but I am not sure about the image... You need something slicker, more elegant and stronger..."

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To print or not to print? (Event brochures that is)

Conference companies love to brag that they’re “a purely online organisation now” or that they “only do digital”; but has the digital revolution taken the event world a step too far? In the case of traditional event brochures, we think it has. There are several benefits to printing your agenda that simply cannot be overlooked, despite your decreased collateral costs and greater green credentials. Here’s a list of our top reasons why you shouldn’t stop printing:

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Nine no-no’s for your event website homepage

You’ve spent a great deal of time creating a strong event brand – the name, logo, theme or topic, format etc – but potential delegates still don’t appear to be engaging with you online. Your event website homepage is arguably the most powerful tool you have at your disposal to market your event, and reach potential delegates, and doing it well can impact registrations enormously. So what might you be getting wrong? Here are the nine most common mistakes event marketers are making, and how you can avoid these pitfalls.

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Fresh tongue-in-cheek marketing tactics for Olympics

If anyone’s seen the new “Don’t Fly” campaign by British Airways, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a pretty brave and bold campaign. BA says the “tongue-in-cheek” advertising campaign is to encourage Britons to stay in the UK and “rally the country to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB.”

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'Marketing Week Live' mailing piece lands

I received the Marketing Week Live! mailer through my letterbox this morning – 2 weeks before the big event. I can’t recall if I’ve received any prior to this, but this one grabbed my attention. I’m sure many of you have received the same mailing – final campaign efforts are kicking in to ensure pre-registrations are hitting target.

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Going the extra mile at events

Last week I attended Nimbus Partners’ “Inspiring Performance” event at the Brewery – a Business Process Management event. As you can imagine I’ve been to many events, but this one really stood out for me and really set out to impress. The detail and thought behind the event concept and format was excellent and in my opinion they got all the elements of the event mix right – from the venue, the style of presentations, the catering, the after party - sorry, ‘networking’ – and of course the outstanding entertainment by Naturally 7.

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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes by Hubspot

Hubspot have produced this great complilation of 101 marketing quotes – fantastic for team motivation and inspiration! Also a great example of ‘adding value first’ to engage a prospective audience – love it. Note how they have made it accessible to view, without having to enter any contact details.

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