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Going the extra mile at events

Last week I attended Nimbus Partners’ “Inspiring Performance” event at the Brewery – a Business Process Management event. As you can imagine I’ve been to many events, but this one really stood out for me and really set out to impress. The detail and thought behind the event concept and format was excellent and in my opinion they got all the elements of the event mix right – from the venue, the style of presentations, the catering, the after party - sorry, ‘networking’ – and of course the outstanding entertainment by Naturally 7.

It was all the clever details that impressed me the most – aside all the great new contacts and learnings, it’s these details that made it a truly memorable experience for me and I’m sure many others. The objective of the event I’m sure was getting the brand in front of a captive audience (with hopefully some conversions) – so marketing certainly achieved their goal. Delegates would have left with the Nimbus brand on the forefront of their mind and with 600 delegates in the room that’s pretty good news.

Here are some of the refreshing things Nimbus did at the event…

Upon arrival we were given a simple pocket size booklet with the two day programme, a pack of coasters and a plastic box with M&M’s. The mini booklet was perfectly sized and unconventional from the usual plastic bag full of literature and stress balls. The coasters were a clever play on the ‘brewery’ theme that in fact had Nimbus’ client testimonials on the back – brilliant and definitely more engaging that an A4 sheet of quotes. The fab M&M’s were customised with the slogan “We are putting the M back into BPM”.

To continue with the theme, the beers served in the evening were “Nimbus” branded (I later found out they discovered this existing Scottish beer, so they didn’t have to go through the pain of relabelling!)

… and finally the clever choice of ‘Naturally 7′ who truly were an ‘Inspiring Performance’ and that’s precisely why they chose them!

Like I said, aside the top content and networking opportunities the event left people talking about it, inspired and definitely looking forward to the next one.

It’s a great case study for all those in the events and conference industry on how the small things can make such a big difference!

Here is a short video published 24 hrs after the event

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