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B2B Inbound Marketing Stories: How To Sell Out Your Event In Seconds

In our latest edition of B2B Inbound Marketing Stories, we spoke with Kelvin Newman, founder of BrightonSEO, the UK's largest SEO conference and MD of Rough Agenda, one of the new breed of B2B events companies shaking up the conference scene. In the interview, Kelvin reveals the secret sauce behind selling out his event in just 60 seconds and shares some pointers on how larger, traditional events businesses can incorporate a start up mentality to steer them to revenue success.

Watch the full interview, or pick up the key highlights below...

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PPC could be a waste of your event marketing budget. If you are doing it like this that is

I know that in the events industry we are encouraged to take advantage of all marketing tools at our disposal, and try new things to drive registrations and build awareness of our events. But it’s important to realise that not all channels hold the same value. To me PPC (pay per click) marketing is the perfect example of this – and I would go as far as saying that using PPC to promote your event can be a complete waste of money if you do not approach it right.

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Our top nine revenue generating events for media publishers

So we’ve talked about how media publishers can drive revenues through monetising website visitors, and their extensive databases – and now we move onto the hugely profitable channel of events.

If you haven’t dabbled in the events arena previously, now is the time to formulate a strategy. But how should you kick off this new revenue driving endeavour?

We’ve dissected the various types of events you may want to make your own, and factored in the pros and cons for media publishers specifically.

For all terms and purposes I am referring to advertisers as sponsors.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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5 top meeting scheduling tools that will make a difference to your busy day

Getting someone's attention and agreement to meet you or speak to you on the phone is a very difficult and challenging part of our busy day to day business lives.

But it is even more difficult and frustrating finding an actual suitable time for both of you to engage and not losing their attention in the email back and forth that usually ensues.

I speak to a lot of people in a given week and managing the diaries can easily get out of hand.

So I did my research and here are the five top meeting schedule tools that could really make a difference to your business. They made a difference to mine.

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30 experts predict their event industry trends for this year [SlideShare]

Last year, me and other industry industry professionals were asked by Eventbrite to provide an event industry trend, opportunity or challenge that will be affecting the industry this year. It was a challenging question as in my mind there are plenty of them to hightlight. However after a long consideration I decided to pinpoint one of the major ones:

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Eleven Most Talked About Predictions for the Conference and Events Industry [SlideShare]

What is currently happening in the conference and events industry? 

Where are we heading?

Well, like any other fast-growing and successful industry, this is always the topic of conversation when we meet with industry folk or overhear the banter at conference industry events. Every director of a conference, event or exhibition company is asking these questions and it's clear that anyone not thinking ahead will surely be left behind. As successful as the events industry is, nobody can afford to be complacent especially in this entrepreneurial, digital era. 

So we have partnered with CatchTalk.TV (formerly known as Xavy) to bring you precisely that. The most talked about predictions for the conferences and events industry in the near future.

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10 Best Avoided Event Marketing Mistakes

Last update: July 2016

As we all know the conference and events industry is constantly changing and we're now in a thriving market with the usual well established players, a new breed of specialised, niche event companies, media publishers and B2B companies doing their own events who are revolutionising the industry with fresh initiatives and sometimes daring tactics.

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How to identify key marketing and media partners for your next event and boost your ROI

We thought we'd get together a simple guide to help event marketers out there looking to boost their marketing exposure at no extra cost. That's most of you right?

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Webinar Marketing: How to market your webinar in 13 simple steps

So webinars have been kicking around for a while now - but there are still plenty of B2B companies who are not leveraging this channel! Webinars eradicate the barriers of time and geography and make it easy for anyone to access your content anytime, anywhere.

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Brian Solis shares his tips and views on event marketing

In the business world in North America the name Brian Solis is everywhere. A serial entrepreneur and business visionary he is a very well respected source of opinion when it comes to social media and marketing.

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B2B Marketing Radar: 25 January 2013

Hard to believe another week is behind us and we're fast approaching month two of 2013! Well here's our Friday round up of some of the most useful B2B marketing and event marketing stories we've come across this week.

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7 Tips to obtaining B2B marketing buy-in from your boss

At this time of year most B2B marketing directors are creating their strategies for the year ahead, working on the aggressive growth plans set by senior management and figuring out how far their budgets will stretch this time around.

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Fresh tongue-in-cheek marketing tactics for Olympics

If anyone’s seen the new “Don’t Fly” campaign by British Airways, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a pretty brave and bold campaign. BA says the “tongue-in-cheek” advertising campaign is to encourage Britons to stay in the UK and “rally the country to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB.”

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What a wine cork can achieve in marketing - something to learn from spanish wines

I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting and quirky marketing campaigns and tactics. Not to sound geeky but it really gives me a sense of purpose and a buzz – just always being aware of whats around me and what you can learn.

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