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10 Best Avoided Event Marketing Mistakes

Last update: July 2016

As we all know the conference and events industry is constantly changing and we're now in a thriving market with the usual well established players, a new breed of specialised, niche event companies, media publishers and B2B companies doing their own events who are revolutionising the industry with fresh initiatives and sometimes daring tactics.Whether established or new, there seem to be some some basic mistakes that are still happening. Having worked with a good number of events companies, we've often seen products that have failed or haven't met core targets and KPI's due to simple and definitely avoidable event marketing mistakes.

10 Best avoided event marketing mistakesSo we thought it would be a great idea to create a list of the most common mistakes, both through our own exposure to marketing audits, literally hundreds of events marketing campaigns and analysis as well as feedback from the industry grapevine. This is by no means a definitive list (in fact, we would welcome your contributions). You can Download the 10 Best Avoided Event Marketing Mistakes.

Note: We have compiled this list from a marketing perspective. We have not taken into consideration other common mistakes in event production or event sales for example. Here are the '10 Best Avoided Event Marketing Mistakes': 

1. Not allowing adequate time for marketing

2. Not getting the true value across

3. Not developing and nurturing qualified leads

4. Having unrealistic expectations with response rates

5.Too focused on outbound rather than inbound marketing

6. Little or no integration of marketing channels

7. Not taking a holistic business approach

8. Not tracking the results

9. Skipping the basics

10. Not continuing to sell after the sale

We have created a more comprehensive guide with further details on each of these mistakes and how to quickly overcome them.

 Do you have any other mistakes to add to this list? We'd love to hear from you.


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