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Generating "crap" leads? Getting real with B2B Event Lead Generation

B2B event lead generation is an essential component of event marketing. Many event business leaders and marketers allow their campaigns to be killed too early or dismiss future ones outright simply because “the leads the campaign is generating are crap”.

The goal here is to explain that on any normal lead generation campaign, around 66% of the leads  generated will not be good or even relevant at all. So if only 33% of the total leads generated are good then you're not doing bad at all -  you are well within the benchmark.

So what is deemed as a good or bad response from a lead generation campaign?

Here are the top take aways from the video with some good examples:

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Top 4 Tactics to Improve Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

We evangelise about the 4 major pillars of B2B lead generation marketing from our B2B Lead Generation e-book; blogging, your website, landing pages and social media marketing.

In this post I’m going to summarise the 4 key tips to take from that e-book / webinar or thought leadership and look at how to make them work for B2B marketing.

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B2B Event Marketing: A detailed guide on Driving Attendance, Sponsorship & Sales at your next B2B Event


B2B event marketing is a vast topic, spanning from how to get people to attend events, how to get them to buy from your B2B brand when you sponsor or organise an event and how to secure sponsorship for your own B2B event. It's a topic that interests event organisers, event marketers and B2B brand marketers in equal measure.

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Lead generation for events is broken

So you think your events business is great at lead generation because you’re handing a tonne of names over to sales each week? You couldn’t be more wrong. Lead generation for events is officially broken in the vast majority of events businesses. Why? For starters, because a click-through is not a lead, yet most companies treat them as such. Find out why your lead generation process may be broken and what to do to fix it.

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The biggest obstacle to generating ROI from Events: Lazy Exhibiting [Video]

“Lazy exhibiting” is a term I first encountered when speaking with a senior event professional – and it really resonated due to experiences I had personally, and those I had heard about from peers and clients.

Admittedly this is a RANT, I never do this so this will be the first time.

This is a video I recorded at a show I attended earlier this year. I was so annoyed that I felt compelled to use it as constructive feedback to many exhibitors and to share the frustration many event organisers have at situations like this.

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How much time do marketers spend on social media marketing?

I came across this insightful and truly comprehensive report by Social Media Examiner, and found it so useful I thought I’d summarise it here and pass on some of these must-know nuggets of wisdom.

In its entirety the '2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report' covers the top questions marketers want answered on the topic of social media, how much time is spent on this increasingly vital channel, which platforms are most frequently used, and which ones marketers want to find out more about.

So here are some statistics to whet your appetite…

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Our top nine revenue generating events for media publishers

So we’ve talked about how media publishers can drive revenues through monetising website visitors, and their extensive databases – and now we move onto the hugely profitable channel of events.

If you haven’t dabbled in the events arena previously, now is the time to formulate a strategy. But how should you kick off this new revenue driving endeavour?

We’ve dissected the various types of events you may want to make your own, and factored in the pros and cons for media publishers specifically.

For all terms and purposes I am referring to advertisers as sponsors.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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3 ways of monetising website visitors and database for media publishers

It’s easy to forget just how much value the people who come into contact with your organisation can hold – and not just for you, but for third parties too. If you haven’t already thought about monetising your website visitors and database, now is the time to alter your view of them, and treat them as an additional revenue stream in their own right.

As a media publisher you must have good amount of website visitors with something in common – interest, behaviour, need… And there are many companies willing to pay for this!

Here are the most innovative and profitable ways you can tap into that incremental revenue, and the things you need to ensure along the way.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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7 secret lead generation tactics for media publishers

Often companies look at competitors to see if they’re falling behind, or where they’re leading the way for the rest of the industry – but we forget that there’s a lot to be learned from other industries entirely. In this case I’m talking about media publishers. Struggling to generate high quality leads, surely it makes sense to take a little knowledge from the experts! If there’s one thing event marketers do well it’s lead generation – and I’m about to let you in on the top secret business of how they do it:

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10 tips on how to drive webinar registrations in the events industry

So you’ve got a webinar coming up and as yet, no attendees. How do you get your registration numbers to skyrocket?

A webinar is a fantastic (and inexpensive) way of showing off your event hosting skills, and your credibility within the industry of your topic. What most event marketers do to get the increase registrations is blast non-targeted, non-personalised emails to the entirety of their database, which is of course ineffective.

So here are our top proven techniques to maximise your audience.

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How to generate the most valuable leads through B2B trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are a lucrative environment, for the exhibitors, the organisers, and indeed the attendees. They provide the perfect opportunity to reach key decision makers, grab a moment of their precious time and assess on the spot how qualified they might be as a lead. But how fruitful are these meetings in reality? There are several steps you must take prior to, during, and after the exhibition to guarantee maximum value from such events. Here’s my guide on how to make the most of your expo opportunities:

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11 Tips to Craft the Perfect Event Marketing Email

Email marketing is still the majority of event marketers’ go-to tool for promoting their events, and with good reason. When done right the results can be astounding, but in the hands of an old school marketer , email can be an overused (and even harmful) tool.

We’ve observed that the pattern is pretty much always the same: 12 weeks out from the event, marketers start blasting. They don’t segment their lists, meaning they end up sending a blanket email which attempts to provide something for everyone and as a result is pretty lengthy and vague, and try to cram in as much information as possible. The cycle is then repeated until the event takes place, causing recipients to disengage and in some cases even unsubscribe completely.

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Are B2B marketers drowning in content? Top 3 takeaways from B2B Marketing's Content Benchmarking Infographic

B2B Marketing recently published its 2014 Content Benchmarking report, and summarised the key points in an infographic which sparked our imagination, so we put together our top takeaways as digestible, actionable insights.

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Focus on inbound marketing to generate leads for events

As event marketers we all know that B2B lead generation is an expensive and time-consuming business. Those ye olde ‘push’ tactics simply don’t yield the volume of quality leads we’re all desperately hunting.

That's why, these days, it's all about 'pulling' those prospects in. Successful inbound marketing should connect your potential customers with you and your event via engaging content that can be easily accessed on the device of their choice. 

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Very Helpful Social Media Statistics for B2B Lead Generation

Social media is no longer new and its lifespan and place in the world is no longer hotly contested, one question that does continue to come up time and time again though is the ROI of social media activities, especially for B2B lead generation. In short, does it really work?

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The key to a website's success in B2B lead generation: More pages!

All of you know that having a website is essential for all your B2B marketing activities, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Is my website working hard enough for me?” And often the answer is no.

In our recently published ebook we analyse data from 4,000 businesses and we find out exactly what businesses need to do to increase B2B lead generation. In this particular post we highlight part of that research that look at two of the most important factors for driving website B2B lead generation.

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2 Key Lessons On The Importance of Blogging for B2B Lead Generation

Chances are, if you built your B2B business website in the last 5-6 years, you will either have a blog or at least have been asked whether you wanted one included in the build, even if you said no. Blogs have become ubiquitous, one of those items that is a “must do” for the modern B2B site.

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B2B marketers don’t know their lead conversion rates

According to a recent survey of 840 B2B marketers by Holger Schulze, 25% don’t know their lead coversion rates and 41% don’t know the average cost per marketing qualified lead (MQLs). 

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