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28 Golden Nuggets on how to Attract, Recruit and Retain the Best Event Industry Talent


Recruiting is a time consuming and painful process. Recruiting outstanding event marketers and event sales professionals is even harder. Why? Because event leaders are simply using the wrong approach!

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5 Key statistics that explain why it's difficult to recruit marketing professionals

If you’re someone responsible for marketing recruitment, it will come as no surprise to hear that things are pretty tough out there. We don’t think it’s too far fetched to say it’s a bit of a nightmare.

72.8% of employers are struggling to find relevant candidates. Fewer and fewer quality candidates in the active job market, those that are asking crazy salaries and being courted by lots of different firms.

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A digital events business. Do you run one? 7 smart habits of a digitally savvy events company


Do you think your events company is digitally smart? Have you kept up with the evolution of digital? Or do you just want to find out what "getting" digital means? Whatever your reason for reading, you’ve made the right move. Events companies can’t afford to fall behind the curve with digital. After all, the events we produce are supposed to show our delegates what the latest and future trends look like in their industry, it’s only natural that they expect our event marketing to follow that pattern.

We love Stephen Covey’s book “7 habits of highly effective people” and often get asked if there’s an equivalent “7 habits” for event folk. So, here they are, our 7 top healthy habits for the digitally savvy events company:

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Does marketing own the customer journey? If not then who?

Recently I received a request from B2B Marketing to fill in a survey and it was titled "Does marketing own the customer journey?" It was a provocative header (I'm a marketing geek if you didn't notice) that made me take action, fill in the survey and then write this post.

My strong view and answer to this question is:

Absolutely! Marketing definitely owns the customer journey. If they don't, they're just not doing their job.

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What is the secret formula for event success? – There isn’t one

How to attract an event audience, and how to keep them

Is there really a secret recipe for event success?

And then a secret sauce to keep them coming again and again?

Not really, it is not rocket science.

This was the opening line from Ashley Friedlein from econsultancy at the recent PPA Breakfast connect event.

I couldn’t agree with Ashley more - there is no silver bullet for achieving event success. So if there is none, what is the magic that some successful events like the Festival of Marketing enjoy?

Everyone knows the formula for event success and the most common mistakes to avoid.

The way you will attract an audience is through the “promise of the experience” and the experience you deliver. This is what Ashley thinks is the secret sauce. Successful events like the Festival of Marketing have the following elements:

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Are you a B2B marketing technophobe or technophile?

In a recent survey, Adestra explored the attitudes of marketers towards emerging technologies, and their feelings towards adopting (or ignoring) it. They predicted that the research would unearth two distinct personas – the technophobes and the technophiles – and were surprised to discover that there were actually three separate camps. So which category do you as a marketing professional fall into, and what, if anything, should you do about it?  

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[Video] Old school vs new school event marketing - which side are you on?

I was recently interviewed by Events Uncovered TV, to share my observations on the ever changing shape that B2B event marketing is taking. The premise of my argument is that while some traditional marketing techniques may have worked superbly in their heyday, the industry is undeniably evolving (and some event marketers are struggling to keep up). Enjoy the interview and please comment away if you have views of your own.

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Are B2B marketers drowning in content? Top 3 takeaways from B2B Marketing's Content Benchmarking Infographic

B2B Marketing recently published its 2014 Content Benchmarking report, and summarised the key points in an infographic which sparked our imagination, so we put together our top takeaways as digestible, actionable insights.

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Three major trends affecting the future of event companies

The events and conference industry has kicked off to a nice buoyant start this year and we're seeing lots of enthusiasm and commitment for change. We set out to identify the most talked about key trends, predictions and insights that have the conference and events industry buzzing and will most likely impact your business in the not too distant future (if not already!). 

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Eleven Most Talked About Predictions for the Conference and Events Industry [SlideShare]

What is currently happening in the conference and events industry? 

Where are we heading?

Well, like any other fast-growing and successful industry, this is always the topic of conversation when we meet with industry folk or overhear the banter at conference industry events. Every director of a conference, event or exhibition company is asking these questions and it's clear that anyone not thinking ahead will surely be left behind. As successful as the events industry is, nobody can afford to be complacent especially in this entrepreneurial, digital era. 

So we have partnered with CatchTalk.TV (formerly known as Xavy) to bring you precisely that. The most talked about predictions for the conferences and events industry in the near future.

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B2B Marketing Radar: 18 January 2013

Here's a round up of what's been an interesting read for us from the B2B marketing and event marketing world this week. 

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What's been on our B2B marketing radar this week

Going through the vast amount of content available in our industry, here is what's sparked our interest in our inbox and tweeter feeds relevant to our B2B marketing and event marketing industry this week.

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The 10 Most Important Marketing Trends

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company WPP, gives his take on the key global trends facing marketers and agencies in: The 10 Most Important Marketing Trends According to Sir Martin Sorrell - Forbes Magazine.

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