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B2B Marketing Radar: 18 January 2013

Here's a round up of what's been an interesting read for us from the B2B marketing and event marketing world this week. 

  • The most important news of the week, Facebook launched their new search tool. Wefacebook triforce search don't think it's going to revolutionise the world of B2B, but we'll just have to wait and see. If you're interested to know what the big buzz is all about, hear it from the horse's mouth Introducing Graph Search
  • Julius Solaris writes about 10 Event Trends for 2013. If you haven't read this blog yet make sure you do. It's provides a great insight into the technology available to innovate and boost your event this year.
  • eConsultancy posted a great blog earlier this week: Content marketing in 2013: what the experts think. Scroll towards the bottom and they share what they see as the best examples of content marketing and also types of content and formats that have worked best.
  • We all know how important webinars are for your marketing strategies, especially when building online communities. So it was great to see Marketingsherpa share this case study yesterday: Content Marketing: Webinar strategy increases registration, lead capture 91%.
  • B2B Marketers are realising the true power of joining up online and offline marketing - infact "Almost half of marketers (46 per cent) believe print is “vital” to driving interest in digital content and campaigns. Check out B2B Marketing's blog post and be assured that print should stay on your agenda: Print: the marketing constant
  • Always a very trustworthy source, Forrester's blog on how their predictions for 2012 turned out. Still worth a read. Top twelve b2b tech social marketing highlights of 2012.
Have a fanstastic weekend!
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