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B2B lagging behind on mobile email

eConsultancy shared some great statistics on email and mobile devices in a recent blog. They nicely drill down into industries and what stuck me were the figures on B2B - disappointing to see that B2B is one of the lowest for phone and tablet email opens/clicks.

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Daily dose of Drama - Memorable PR

I had to share this brilliant piece of PR with you all – a nice way to end the working day!

B2B Inspiration - Thanks to Seth Godin

We’re real fans of Seth Godin’s blogs – so today we’re sharing the love:

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Resilient B2B Events Industry - CEIR Results

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) have released their 2011 index results – it usually serves as a pretty good barometer for the overall B2B exhibitions/events industry – and it’s good to see some positive news for the industry this year, especially given all the economic doom and gloom.

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Inbound Marketing - what's not to like

Inbound marketing seems to be the focus for most marketers that we speak to – with the benefits of lower costs for acquiring leads and higher conversion rates, what’s not to like? If it’s not already part of your winning 2012 marketing strategy, it’s definitely time to pay attention.

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Leverage Pinterest for B2B marketing

Pinterest currently has over 10 million registered users and allows people to create their own online noticeboards to ‘pin’ pictures and videos – a digital collage wonderland!

The news that really made me stop and pay attention was the latest figures from shareaholic that Pinterest generated more referral traffic than Twitter in February 2012.

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2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

Marketingsherpa’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report has been published – a great piece of ammunition for your budget meetings as ”Lack of resources (budget, staff, time) presents greatest barrier to B2B marketing success.” The report includes endless charts to illustrate trends and findings – and most importantly shares best practice on how to attract and convert more leads.

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3,300 marketers take Social Media survey for 2012 outlook

MarketingSherpa organised a survey of 3,300 marketers on the promise of social marketing ROI for 2012.

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Golden Nuggets from eConsultancy's FUNNEL event - part 2

I had the pleasure of sitting in Ashley Friedlein’s session on ‘Data-driven decision making – optimising your sales efforts with online data” at FUNNEL on Tuesday.

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Golden Nuggets from eConsultancy's FUNNEL event - part 1

We attended eConsultancy’s first FUNNEL event yesterday in London. The event brought together marketing strategists and sales professionals all under one roof to better understand how to attract, engage, nurture and convert our leads – and refreshingly for us the audience and content was B2B focused. Finally!

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Engagement Zone = Increased Lead Captures

It’s always refreshing to read a specific B2B marketing article and eConsultancy have done well with this one, so worth sharing.

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Internet Marketing Strategy Briefing

Internet marketing is forever changing and it can be pretty challenging for marketers to keep on top of it all!

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A way to an agency's heart...

…is through the stomach!

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes by Hubspot

Hubspot have produced this great complilation of 101 marketing quotes – fantastic for team motivation and inspiration! Also a great example of ‘adding value first’ to engage a prospective audience – love it. Note how they have made it accessible to view, without having to enter any contact details.

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Word clouds tool by Wordle

We came across this nifty little toy today and wanted to share it with you.

Wordle cleverly generates “word clouds” from your text. You can play around with colours, fonts and layouts or simply let the tool ‘randomise’ and suggest creations for you. There’s even an advanced feature, allowing you to manipulate further.

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Conference Addict Infographic

Here’s a new infographic that’s flying around this week amongst B2B marketers – courtesy of Fast Company. The ‘cozy conference club’ as they refer to it, are the high fliers of the world that meet at these leading industry events. A great illustration of the power of conferences and how meaningful relationships and business is created through face-to-face. No social media or virtual event could ever really touch that.

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BrightBull nominated for Innovation Award for sharedserviceslink.com campaign

BrightBull are delighted at the fantastic news of being nominated for the Innovation Award for the Conference Awards 2011 for our recent viral game campaign for client sharedserviceslink.com. Congratulations to the team!

Print Ads just got cooler!

Who said print ads were dead?

Following on from my blog this week on the AXA iAd Campaign – well check this one out! This is seriously cool so I thought it was worth sharing.

Who said print ads were dead?

Following on from my blog this week on the AXA iAd Campaign – well check this one out! This is seriously cool so I thought it was worth sharing.

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The Future of Print Ads - AXA innovates

Check out this fantastic, revolutionary interactive advert from AXA. The print ad entices readers to place their iPhone on the blank space on the page which then brings the story to life! (one downside – the ad is exclusively targeting iPhone users, so missing out on targeting other smart phone users).

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Proud to be in B2B

It’s nicely done, yet a simple and fun way of promoting their relaunch and illustrating their proposition – definitely a refreshing approach to what would normally be a bog standard print/banner ad.

A bright and upbeat start to the week – and definitely made me feel great about being a B2B Marketer!

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