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35 hashtags in the events industry every marketing professional should use

Most Follow Hashtags in the event industryThis list has been reviewed on 1 April 2017

This is our definitive list of hashtags every events industry professional must follow without fault.

Twitter is not only a tool that you will use to broadcast and say a lot of things about yourself, your company or your event. It is a tool to simply stay informed about your industry and getting interesting tips and content that you can literally use to do your job better.

This is the list I personally follow on twitter and since a lot of you asked me about this, here it is.

These are the top 3 event industry hashtags that shouldn't slip under your radar 

We have checked and run these through RiteTag and Keyhole.co to give you an idea of the reach these hashtags have. If you have some hashtags of your own that you use on a regular basis, you should check them through these websites and gain some interesting insight.

Also note that since they are the most popular, they can also get abused and spammed by some.

1. #eventprofs

This is the most commonly used hashtag in the events, meetings and conference industry. This is the best way to connect and stay tuned with other like minded passionate event peeps.


 2. #meetingprofs

Very similar to the #eventprofs but this one is a little bit more specific and American focused. For some reason americans call the conference, events and meetings interchangeably. 


 3. #eventtech

Focuses on event technology and where most of the cool apps, tools, websites, and promotions are found.


The rest of event focused hashtags

4. #eventprofsuk

Localised UK chatter.

5. #expochat

Really interesting twitter chat for expo professionals

6. #eventtrends

The latest trends from the events industry.

7. #eventplanner or

8. #eventplanning

Cover everything related to planning and pre-event activities for events of every calibre.

9. #eventmarketing

For all matters related to event marketing.

10. #eventwebsite

All about websites, wordpress templates and themes for events. 

11. #eventmanagement

Another popular hashtag for event professionals with news and trends of the industry.

12. #eventjobs

Does not need explanation, does it? 

13. #meetingplanners

Trends and tips for event professionals.

14. #eventapps

Everything you need to know to stay on top of the latest apps for the event industry.

15. #greenmeetings

Quite good if you want to find ecofriendly suppliers and talks about being nice to the environment at the time of running your show.

16. #eventdata

Insights and tools for collecting and analising event related data, useful for event marketers. 

17. #startupevent

News and trends in the startup events sector.

18. #b2bevents

Covers events for b2b professionals and the chatter is less supplier oriented. 

19. #eventhour

A twitter chat or a networking hour for event organisers, venues & suppliers. It takes place alWednesdays 9-10pm BST.

20. #bizbash

This one has a strong link with the event planning magazine BizBash.com but is now used by other event professionals too.

And if you belong to the new school of thought in events, then these marketing related ones should give you interesting inspiration and tips

There is no point describing these as they are self explanatory.

21. #b2bcontent

22. #b2bmarketing

23. #b2b

24. #inboundmarketing

25. #inbound

26. #contentmarketing

27. #directmarketing 

28. #emailmarketing 

29. #digitalmarketing

30. #content

31. #marketing 

32. #marketingprofs

33. #inbound_marketing

34. #onlinemarketing 



While your particular needs for information might be different than mine, I hope some of them meet your own. There you have it, plenty of food for thought and plenty to segment your own twitter stream and search for the things that really matter to you. For me following these hashtags enables me to stay informed about our industry, see who is doing what and hear all the gossip.

Did I miss any? Please share the love and I will add it to this and my own personal list.

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