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B2B Marketing Radar: 8 February 2013

Here's our round up of some of the most interesting reads in the B2B marketing stratosphere this week:

  • 835 small businesses were surveyed in January 2013 by the Wall Street Journal and Vistage International. No real surprise that "Small Biz Owners Say LinkedIn Offers Them More Potential Than Facebook, Twitter. Interesting stats nonetheless. 
  • Quite the opposite findings in this Forbes article - Twitter Generates Leads 9 Times More Than Facebook And LinkedIn. Based on a study by Optify, they surveyed 600 small-medium sized companies. What's your view on the findings? Ricardo had his say - check out the comments at the bottom. 
  • Marketingsherpa share some great findings in their blog: 74% challenged by generating high-quality leads. Check out the chart "B2B marketing challenges growing in pertinence" - insightful research taken from 3 years of data - not sure why they haven't brought it up to date with 2012 figures though. I also like how they're integrating video interviews into their blogs and there are links in the blog that allows you to go straight to a particular discussion point in the video. Nicely done. 
  • Oreo resized 600Lastly some genius marketing for a Friday - not B2B marketing specific, but inspired marketing that's so worth sharing! The power of timely creativity, speed and viral marketing is beautifully demonstrated with Oreo's cheeky spontaneous response to the power outage at the Super Bowl game. Apparently the concept, design and caption was approved in minutes! Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark. pic.twitter.com/dnQ7pOgC. So far the tweet has been retweeted 16,023 times and has 20,000 likes on Facebook. 

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