11 Tips to Craft the Perfect Event Marketing Email

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Oct 23,2014 in B2B Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation

Email marketing is still the majority of event marketers’ go-to tool for promoting their events, and with good reason. When done right the results can be astounding, but in the hands of an old school marketer , email can be an overused (and even harmful) tool.

We’ve observed that the pattern is pretty much always the same: 12 weeks out from the event, marketers start blasting. They don’t segment their lists, meaning they end up sending a blanket email which attempts to provide something for everyone and as a result is pretty lengthy and vague, and try to cram in as much information as possible. The cycle is then repeated until the event takes place, causing recipients to disengage and in some cases even unsubscribe completely.

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5 takeaways from the event marketing summit

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, Oct 15,2014 in B2B Marketing News, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, B2B communities

It's great to see that events specifically talking about "events and conference marketing" are on the up and the newly launched Event Marketing Summit by the Global Conference Network took place just recently. Over 150 people attended - from event marketers to senior management, old friends as well as new faces.

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5 Tips on how to become a B2B thought leader for your events

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Oct 09,2014 in B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, B2B communities

As a content officer, conference producer, event planner or even a CEO for an event company, you probably have a lot on your plate already – and the prospect of striving to become a thought leader might seem daunting. However, as the face of your organisation with your potential delegates, it’s absolutely critical that you outwardly portray that you’re an authority within the industry your event serves. There isn’t a quick fix to ensure you’re regarded as such, but we’ve figured out the ultimate approach to get yourself, and your events, noticed.

1. Be social

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17 Examples of B2B Online Communities That Drive Event Registrations - [Slideshare]

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Oct 02,2014 in B2B Marketing, B2B Websites, Event Marketing, B2B communities

These are 17 of the best examples of B2B online communities launched by event organisations, or companies with a strong event presence. Most of them center approach on simplicity. We hope this ebook serves as some inspiration, or a means to show your teams that it doesn't have to be complicated. 

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[Video] Old school vs new school event marketing - which side are you on?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Sep 25,2014 in Marketing Trends, B2B Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

I was recently interviewed by Events Uncovered TV, to share my observations on the ever changing shape that B2B event marketing is taking. The premise of my argument is that while some traditional marketing techniques may have worked superbly in their heyday, the industry is undeniably evolving (and some event marketers are struggling to keep up). Enjoy the interview and please comment away if you have views of your own.

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How to take on publishers in the battle for B2B event revenues – and win

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Sep 18,2014 in B2B Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, B2B Publishers

A clear trend is emerging: B2B publishers are becoming increasingly aware that events are a profitable opportunity not to be passed up. Simultaneously, event companies are realising that the industry needs to change. They must think more as publishers do in the battle to fight declining revenues and add value to both sponsors and attendees on a 365 basis.

The current sentiment on both sides is "yes we know we need to behave/think/act more like them", but nobody seems to know where event and publisher paths converge. Neither side knows how exactly how to get to this sweet spot, where to start, or who internally is best placed to drive the change.

Largely, the challenge lies in finding the employee who can be bothered to propel this internal shift in attitudes with different stakeholders, and get their buy in.

The actions publishers and events need to take are clear and they don't have to be complicated! Here's my rundown of where the covergence lies, and what kind of results each side can expect to achieve:

What publishers do very well (and events don't):

  • Base quality content at the heart of their business

  • Write a lot of content for various different sectors/segments/value groups

  • Think in stories, narratives and news pieces  ideally those that engage their audience

  • Compose content with a view to provoke opinion and inspire readers to react

  • Truly know their industry, and the people they serve, in great and granular detail

  • Acquire lots of data, ensure it is clean and keep it up-to-date

  • Know their database in all senses. How big it is, the segments, readers (how many of them) etc. Some publishers are drowning in data - can event marketers say the same?

  • Their websites are huge in terms of assets  they have plenty of content pages (an approach highly rewarded by Google, which gives them preference as news providers)

  • Nurture their community and readers with content – and lots of it  sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

What publishers can improve upon (and learn a thing or two about from events):

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5 steps to integrate your event marketing with winning content tactics

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Sep 11,2014 in B2B Content Marketing, B2B Marketing Best Practices, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Content marketing is often viewed as a passing fad by B2B event marketers - or ignored completely - but unlike some marketing trends this one is set to stick around. As an experienced marketer, chances are you’re familiar with the fundamentals – but how can you translate the returns of this approach to your event marketing? 

It's all about changing your mindset, and applying the key elements of the content philosophy to your outlook. Ultimately, treating your event as a content offer, rather than a standalone occurrence, will help you to adapt your strategy, generate relevant leads, and increase registrations. 

Step 1 – Think of your event as a content offer

  • First, you need to change how you view your event. Approach it as you would your other content pieces, like ebooks, whitepapers or checklists. It certainly meets the criteria of an offer, it's simply one you would place further down the marketing funnel

  • As you would with any offer, use your other content as platforms upon which to market your event. Amend your existing ebooks, whitepapers etc., so that they link to your event (make sure you remove the reference once the event has come and gone). Be smart and only insert it where relevant or applicable – it should appear as a logical next step to the reader in question

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10 tactics for subject line success in B2B email marketing

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Sep 05,2014 in B2B Content Marketing, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing How to, Email Marketing

So we’ve talked about what not to do in email marketing – now let’s address the positives. There are plenty of quick and easy techniques you can employ to ensure the content you so lovingly crafted actually connects with the prospects you intended it for! 

Most of your B2B prospects will receive countless messages about products and services, new content, conferences, discounts, offers, webinars etc. on a daily or possibly hourly basis (depending on how freely they share their email address). As a result, the key to increasing and sustaining your open rate is to stand out by being relevant, interesting and showing a genuine desire to help. Here are our best B2B email marketing tips to improve your metrics and ultimately win more quality leads:

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Nine no-no’s for your event website homepage

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Aug 29,2014 in B2B Websites, Event Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Design & Branding

You’ve spent a great deal of time creating a strong event brand – the name, logo, theme or topic, format etc – but potential delegates still don’t appear to be engaging with you online. Your event website homepage is arguably the most powerful tool you have at your disposal to market your event, and reach potential delegates, and doing it well can impact registrations enormously. So what might you be getting wrong? Here are the nine most common mistakes event marketers are making, and how you can avoid these pitfalls.

1. Overcrowding

Everything is fighting for attention. Nothing stands out (including the navigation) and visitors to your site will lose interest pretty quickly.


List the content elements you feel really must be on your homepage. Prioritise these, and only include the top 5 – these should be in size order according to importance.

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How to research media and marketing partners for B2B events in 5 simple steps

Posted by Sara Sharif on Thu, Aug 21,2014 in Event Sales, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

There are various different terms associated with marketing partnerships which all mean exactly the same thing. Whether you refer to them as contra deals, bartering agreements, media partnerships, or anything else – essentially these are non-financial, mutually beneficial agreements. If you’re able to demonstrate how you can increase a prospective partner’s members, visitors, subscribers, or revenue, you can get them to help market your conference for free.

As appealing as they are, marketing partners can be tricky to pin down (or so some marketing team members might say). We’ve previously detailed how to identify key marketing and media partners and this is the next stage towards actually securing them.

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