How to increase event attendance without breaking the bank

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Feb 26,2015 in B2B Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Picture this: Your business launched an event last year and it was a resounding success, receiving 150 attendees. This year, your target is 200 delegates (about 30% increase), and senior management believe that if you "do some clever marketing" and "throwing some additional money at it" your could easily reach 300. That’s right; the boss has just raised the bar by forecasting a 100% increase in event attendees. Simply because there is a good feeling about it.

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Best bits from salesforce's state of marketing in 2015 report

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, Feb 23,2015 in B2B Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Salesforce recently published their 2015 report on the current state of marketing, and naturally it has given me plenty of food for thought. The report is a thorough and comprehensive overview of what marketers say about their budgets, priorities, channels, strategies and metrics for 2015. Yes, it goes into great detail, but there are definitely a lot of valuable insights in there for curious marketers. With a focus on the UK, and B2B marketing primarily, I’ve summarised what I believe to be the salient points.

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Ten terrible email marketing habits event marketers adopt

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, Feb 18,2015 in Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

If you read this blog, you know my view on how event marketers use and abuse email marketing, and I’m afraid to say it hasn’t altered just yet. If anything, I realise that there are several fundamental forgotten points that I just had to make. If you’re a B2B event industry insider, and you use email as your main marketing channel please listen up, because your approach so far is not good, not because I say so, just because click-through rates in our event industry are appalling!

Email marketing click through rates in the events industry range from 0.5% to 1.5%

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Cool event technology:

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Feb 13,2015 in Marketing Tools, Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Video for B2B events is a must, and any organiser who doesn’t think to budget for it and prioritise its importance will likely regret it when the sales and marketing teams come to sourcing or generating new leads next time around.

But how exactly do you make the most of that conference footage? And how can you tell its effectiveness as a lead generation tool? Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on one company in this arena that is driving the industry forward in a very innovative and cool way. has built its own platform for event companies to showcase conference video on, and not only that, but it can demonstrate the ROI behind it too. 

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30 experts predict their event industry trends for this year [SlideShare]

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Feb 10,2015 in B2B Marketing, Marketing Ideas, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Last year, me and other industry industry professionals were asked by Eventbrite to provide an event industry trend, opportunity or challenge that will be affecting the industry this year. It was a challenging question as in my mind there are plenty of them to hightlight. However after a long consideration I decided to pinpoint one of the major ones:

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Can auto signatures outperform your B2B email marketing tactics?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Feb 05,2015 in B2B Marketing, Direct Marketing, B2B Marketing Best Practices, Email Marketing, Event Marketing

Event marketers like to think they’re pretty savvy when it comes to all things email-related. However, from my experience, most of them seem to forget to leverage one fundamental (and free) marketing channel that could be put to use in growing awareness of their brand, their blog and ultimately their own profile. What is it, you ask? The personal auto signatures, of course!

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30 must-follow hashtags in the events industry

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Jan 30,2015 in B2B Marketing, B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

This is our definitive list of hashtags every events industry professional must follow without fault.

Twitter is not only a tool that you will use to broadcast and say a lot of things about yourself, your company or your event. It is a tool to simply stay informed about your industry and getting interesting tips and content that you can literally use to do your job better.

This is the list I personally follow on twitter and since a lot of you asked me about this, here it is.

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16 mantras for increasing your event website visits with value-adding content

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jan 22,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Social Media, B2B Websites, Event Marketing

One thing is clear, in the world of events to increase website visits you will need to spend money on advertising or you will need to start writing value adding-content that will drive free and organic traffic.

What is value-adding content? The term refers to content you produce for which your sole intention is not to sell but to educate, inform or entertain. In my world event generated content meets the education and information purpose by default. Event organisers should not have any issue with publishing top notch relevant content in the first place. The challenge is repurposing it efficiently to drive engagement and as a result of that engagement intiate/spark/stimulate interest in future events you have coming up.

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B2B event planners – do you know your numbers?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jan 08,2015 in Event Performance, Marketing Statistics, Conference Marketing

As an event professional, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing the numbers and relevant statistics that indicate whether your event will be successful or not. This does not just apply to the marketing team, and even if you are not directly responsible for tracking these metrics, it’s crucial that you retain a regular awareness. B2B event planners that don’t bother to find out are just relying on wishful thinking to guarantee success; now what kind of strategy is that? Here are the most important numbers to help analyse the success of your event before it even takes place!

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To print or not to print? (Event brochures that is)

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Dec 30,2014 in Direct Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, Design & Branding

Conference companies love to brag that they’re “a purely online organisation now” or that they “only do digital”; but has the digital revolution taken the event world a step too far? In the case of traditional event brochures, we think it has. There are several benefits to printing your agenda that simply cannot be overlooked, despite your decreased collateral costs and greater green credentials. Here’s a list of our top reasons why you shouldn’t stop printing:

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