Alternative B2B marketing automation platforms for SMEs on a budget

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Jul 31,2015 in B2B Marketing, Marketing Automation

I regularly reiterate the benefits a marketing automation platform can offer a business, and the assistance it can provide in terms of achieving and sustaining your inbound marketing goals. But what about marketing automation for SMEs? Your budget may not allow for the kind of outlays associated with the top five (HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, and Marketo), and even if it does it may feel like a risky spend for your first venture into marketing automation software. So why not research one of these platforms, for a lower cost for the specific functionality you require?

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This is how much event companies spend and make - Hot event industry insights

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jul 16,2015 in B2B Marketing Best Practices, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

If there is one single organisation which can be considered the events industry authority on events big and small with meaningful data, it is EventBrite. They recently released their Pulse report which delves into the must-know trends and crucial benchmarks for the UK events industry.

From my point of view, the Pulse report is a key piece of research to have at your fingertips. Every event leader asks me the kind of questions that this particular report answers. So get your hands on it today.

I have gone through the process of reading the whole 44 page report and have summarised the main key figures for you here. I do strongly recommend you download it and check it out as it is definitely worth a read.

First let’s talk about the money…

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The biggest obstacle to generating ROI from Events: Lazy Exhibiting [Video]

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Jul 03,2015 in B2B Marketing, Event Marketing, Lead Generation

“Lazy exhibiting” is a term I first encountered when speaking with a senior event professional – and it really resonated due to experiences I had personally, and those I had heard about from peers and clients.

Admittedly this is a RANT, I never do this so this will be the first time.

This is a video I recorded at a show I attended earlier this year. I was so annoyed that I felt compelled to use it as constructive feedback to many exhibitors and to share the frustration many event organisers have at situations like this.

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The future of social media marketing for event professionals

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, Jun 24,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, Inbound Marketing

You may have already read my summary of a recent 2015 social media marketing report, which covered the areas of social media that marketers are most comfortable using, the platforms they don’t plan on adopting anytime soon, and the amount of time they are dedicating to their social media activity, among other topics.

So here let’s look ahead – what does the future of social media marketing for events look like?

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How to redesign your website for inbound marketing in 10 simple steps

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Jun 19,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Marketing How to, Inbound Marketing

There comes a time in every organisation’s lifecycle when a website redesign is staring them in the face, and it’s an occurrence you simply cannot afford to ignore.

This could be for a multitude of reasons such as a rebrand, a strategy overhaul, or just that it looks increasingly dated.

Don’t sigh with despair when this issue arises, grab the bull by the horns and make your website work harder for you; turn it into an unstoppable inbound marketing machine.

Here’s how to in just ten steps:

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How much time do marketers spend on social media marketing?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, Jun 15,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, B2B Social Media, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation

I came across this insightful and truly comprehensive report by Social Media Examiner, and found it so useful I thought I’d summarise it here and pass on some of these must-know nuggets of wisdom.

In its entirety the '2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report' covers the top questions marketers want answered on the topic of social media, how much time is spent on this increasingly vital channel, which platforms are most frequently used, and which ones marketers want to find out more about.

So here are some statistics to whet your appetite…

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Our top nine revenue generating events for media publishers

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Jun 09,2015 in Marketing Ideas, Event Marketing, Lead Generation, B2B Publishers

So we’ve talked about how media publishers can drive revenues through monetising website visitors, and their extensive databases – and now we move onto the hugely profitable channel of events.

If you haven’t dabbled in the events arena previously, now is the time to formulate a strategy. But how should you kick off this new revenue driving endeavour?

We’ve dissected the various types of events you may want to make your own, and factored in the pros and cons for media publishers specifically.

For all terms and purposes I am referring to advertisers as sponsors.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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Best practices in social media promotion for event professionals

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jun 04,2015 in B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

I was recently invited to take part in Pickevent’s Best practices in social media promotion session.

The event was jam-packed full of insights and best practices in social media promotion, and I can’t help but want to share them!

Here are my top eight takeaways from the session, with thanks to Elvira Hunte, Randy Nyssen and William Watts for being such fantastic fellow panel members. 

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5 top meeting scheduling tools that will make a difference to your busy day

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, Jun 01,2015 in B2B Marketing, Marketing Tools, Marketing Ideas, Marketing Technology

Getting someone's attention and agreement to meet you or speak to you on the phone is a very difficult and challenging part of our busy day to day business lives.

But it is even more difficult and frustrating finding an actual suitable time for both of you to engage and not losing their attention in the email back and forth that usually ensues.

I speak to a lot of people in a given week and managing the diaries can easily get out of hand.

So I did my research and here are the five top meeting schedule tools that could really make a difference to your business. They made a difference to mine.

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3 ways of monetising website visitors and database for media publishers

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, May 27,2015 in Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, B2B Publishers

It’s easy to forget just how much value the people who come into contact with your organisation can hold – and not just for you, but for third parties too. If you haven’t already thought about monetising your website visitors and database, now is the time to alter your view of them, and treat them as an additional revenue stream in their own right.

As a media publisher you must have good amount of website visitors with something in common – interest, behaviour, need… And there are many companies willing to pay for this!

Here are the most innovative and profitable ways you can tap into that incremental revenue, and the things you need to ensure along the way.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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