Launching a B2B online community, where to start?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Mar 27,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, B2B communities

Great, you’re convinced. You realise that at some point you’re going to have to come around to the idea of an online community for your event(s) and what better time to start than right now? So how exactly do you do that?

Start Blogging! Start your own, blog on LinkedIn, blog wherever you want, but do it consistently.

Well we’ve shown you the shape an online event community can take, so think about which areas you’d like to focus on. We have some advice of our own on that topic but ultimately it’s down to you to fit the forum to your ideal customer, or the place you know your prospects and customers can be found.

However, we can’t stress this point enough – if you don’t have a blog you’re missing a major opportunity to generate leads and build a captive audience. This is the most effective first step you can take in creating YOUR community, though you might not think it’s the easiest.

Here are our 5 steps to blog success, take them one step at a time.

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What is the secret formula for event success? – There isn’t one

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Mar 24,2015 in B2B Marketing, Marketing Trends, Event Performance, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

How to attract an event audience, and how to keep them

Is there really a secret recipe for event success?

And then a secret sauce to keep them coming again and again?

Not really, it is not rocket science.

This was the opening line from Ashley Friedlein from econsultancy at the recent PPA Breakfast connect event.

I couldn’t agree with Ashley more - there is no silver bullet for achieving event success. So if there is none, what is the magic that some successful events like the Festival of Marketing enjoy?

Everyone knows the formula for event success and the most common mistakes to avoid.

The way you will attract an audience is through the “promise of the experience” and the experience you deliver. This is what Ashley thinks is the secret sauce. Successful events like the Festival of Marketing have the following elements:

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Are you a B2B marketing technophobe or technophile?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Mar 20,2015 in B2B Marketing, Marketing Trends, Marketing Statistics, Marketing Automation

In a recent survey, Adestra explored the attitudes of marketers towards emerging technologies, and their feelings towards adopting (or ignoring) it. They predicted that the research would unearth two distinct personas – the technophobes and the technophiles – and were surprised to discover that there were actually three separate camps. So which category do you as a marketing professional fall into, and what, if anything, should you do about it?  

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Event online communities: which companies are doing what?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Mar 17,2015 in B2B Marketing, Event Performance, B2B Marketing How to, Marketing Buy-in, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, B2B communities

Most event companies we’ve engaged with have at least an understanding that something in the industry needs to change, even if they’re not sure quite what shape this change will take. They’re all scratching their heads as to how they can achieve greater levels of awareness for their events, drive delegate attendance, and increase ticket sales – and do so in a sustainable way.

The beauty of the online community is that it checks all the boxes. It is the only clear solution. Any conference organisation that isn't thinking about developing a community, generating good engaging content, pulling rather than pushing and recognising that there needs to be a different approach, is missing a huge opportunity.

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What is the meaning of “online community” in the event industry

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Mar 12,2015 in B2B Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, B2B communities

Many event companies are just waking up to the fact that online communities could become a huge part of their event marketing strategy, so let’s start by clarifying exactly what we mean.

An online community, put simply, is a virtual community where members or users primarily use the internet to share information and interact with one another. In the event industry, an online community is formed around a single event, or if the topics are related, a group of events. The information shared would relate to the topic of the event(s), and participants in these interactions would have an interest in the sector. In its purest form, an online community is inbound marketing in action: the process of attracting leads to your organisation, rather than using outdated, interruptive methods to gain new business.

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How can B2B marketers gain respect from their boss (and other departments)

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, Mar 09,2015 in B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing How to, Marketing Buy-in, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Sometimes it’s easy for the marketing team to become an island, and as a marketer your job can feel like a constant battle to prove yourself, and the value of the work you do, to the business. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some simple cooperation can encourage other teams to view yours as an equal, and can demonstrate to your boss just how much of an asset you are.

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The golden age of marketing… are B2B marketers up for it?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Mar 03,2015 in B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing How to, Marketing Buy-in

Every one is talking about it. This is our time, the golden age of marketing is almost here, and sooner than you think if you decide to step up and take it. There is huge opportunity for marketers to engage with broader areas of their businesses, and be THE change benefiting their function and the company as a whole, but on a much larger scale than normal. The focus is finally back on the customer, which is surely where we come in, but unfortunately there are still some significant hurdles to overcome.

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How to increase event attendance without breaking the bank

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Feb 26,2015 in B2B Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Picture this: Your business launched an event last year and it was a resounding success, receiving 150 attendees. This year, your target is 200 delegates (about 30% increase), and senior management believe that if you "do some clever marketing" and "throwing some additional money at it" your could easily reach 300. That’s right; the boss has just raised the bar by forecasting a 100% increase in event attendees. Simply because there is a good feeling about it.

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Best bits from salesforce's state of marketing in 2015 report

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, Feb 23,2015 in B2B Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Salesforce recently published their 2015 report on the current state of marketing, and naturally it has given me plenty of food for thought. The report is a thorough and comprehensive overview of what marketers say about their budgets, priorities, channels, strategies and metrics for 2015. Yes, it goes into great detail, but there are definitely a lot of valuable insights in there for curious marketers. With a focus on the UK, and B2B marketing primarily, I’ve summarised what I believe to be the salient points.

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Ten terrible email marketing habits event marketers adopt

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, Feb 18,2015 in Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

If you read this blog, you know my view on how event marketers use and abuse email marketing, and I’m afraid to say it hasn’t altered just yet. If anything, I realise that there are several fundamental forgotten points that I just had to make. If you’re a B2B event industry insider, and you use email as your main marketing channel please listen up, because your approach so far is not good, not because I say so, just because click-through rates in our event industry are appalling!

Email marketing click through rates in the events industry range from 0.5% to 1.5%

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