3 ways of monetising website visitors and database for media publishers

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, May 27,2015 in Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, B2B Publishers

It’s easy to forget just how much value the people who come into contact with your organisation can hold – and not just for you, but for third parties too. If you haven’t already thought about monetising your website visitors and database, now is the time to alter your view of them, and treat them as an additional revenue stream in their own right.

As a media publisher you must have good amount of website visitors with something in common – interest, behaviour, need… And there are many companies willing to pay for this!

Here are the most innovative and profitable ways you can tap into that incremental revenue, and the things you need to ensure along the way.

This blog is a part of a media publishing series ‘Revenue generating tips for media publishers’.

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Email benchmarks in the event industry worth knowing

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, May 21,2015 in Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

Undoubtedly, the most common question I am asked when speaking to event industry leaders is: “Do you think our open rates and click through rates are above or below the benchmark for the industry?

While I haven’t officially surveyed the conference professionals that I know, I have many conversations to draw upon, and in my experience email is still hugely important to event companies. They really care about the results they are getting and want to know how they measure up to competitors and peers.

Now, when it comes to actual figures, I believe you have to take them with a pinch of salt. Many marketers like to think that they are already taking the right approach, and simply want to be assured of this. In addition, if you were to ask your marketing manager what kind of results they are seeing you will likely induce panic, and cause them to demonstrate only their best performing pieces for fear of criticism. 

But, based on my experiences across the board within the event industry, here are the metrics you should expect to see:

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7 secret lead generation tactics for media publishers

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Mon, May 18,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, B2B Publishers

Often companies look at competitors to see if they’re falling behind, or where they’re leading the way for the rest of the industry – but we forget that there’s a lot to be learned from other industries entirely. In this case I’m talking about media publishers. Struggling to generate high quality leads, surely it makes sense to take a little knowledge from the experts! If there’s one thing event marketers do well it’s lead generation – and I’m about to let you in on the top secret business of how they do it:

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8 revenue generating tips for media publishers

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, May 13,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Publishers

Aside from publishing high quality content, there aren’t many additional revenue streams media publishers can tap into, right?


There are several ways you can expand your reach and repertoire that don’t necessarily need to break the bank. And if you at least try these new channels, you’ll be able to discover which are more profitable for your organisation and are worth persevering with.

We’ll explore each of these tips in greater detail in the next few weeks, so watch this space for more information!

Here are our absolute top revenue generating tips for media publishers:

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A comparison of top marketing automation platforms

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, May 08,2015 in Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

When it comes to making big decisions about technology or software, it pays to have access to all the facts, peer reviews and product information you can get your hands on – and for marketing automation platforms this is certainly key.

A marketing automation platform will necessarily revolutionise the way you market your business, the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaigns you launch, and the way you approach new channels. What you really need to know is which platform is the right fit for your business and its needs, which is where we come in.

With our extensive research in what is currently available in the market and the needs of our customers, here is our selection of the 5 most popular and relevant marketing automation platforms for B2B.

We have highlighted the most common features and given grades to whilst reviewing the different platforms for our clients. We thought it was relevant to give a headstart to all those thinking and considering investing in a Marketing automation software.

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How to drive engagement and excitement at your next event: What about breaking a world record?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, May 05,2015 in B2B Marketing How to, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

There are many ideas event planners use to stimulate engagement during the event. Some bring comedians, others commission Cirque du Soleil style shows, hire magicians etc... You name it and it has been done, especially in North America where events get additional, hype which I think is pretty cool.

I personally see the value events don't necessarily need to be serious and academic and networky all the time. Well, what if you could invest your money in something that will actually generate excitement, buzz, shares, a twitter frenzy, awareness and, more importantly, an everlasting memory of your event?

Try attempting to break a world record title and give yourself the chance to join the likes of Usain Bolt and Richard Branson by being in the Guinness World Records book!

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10 tips on how to drive webinar registrations in the events industry

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Wed, Apr 29,2015 in B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing How to, Webinar Marketing, Event Marketing, Lead Generation

So you’ve got a webinar coming up and as yet, no attendees. How do you get your registration numbers to skyrocket?

A webinar is a fantastic (and inexpensive) way of showing off your event hosting skills, and your credibility within the industry of your topic. What most event marketers do to get the increase registrations is blast non-targeted, non-personalised emails to the entirety of their database, which is of course ineffective.

So here are our top proven techniques to maximise your audience.

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Who benefits from a successful and well run B2B online community?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Apr 24,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, B2B communities

If the qualitative and quantitative evidence that we’ve provided in other blogs isn’t enough to get the support of your team, or your CEO’s buy-in, the cherry on the cake in your argument will be demonstrating the effects of an online community at every level of the value chain.

There are several groups who will thank you for your efforts – in terms of both monetary rewards and delegate fandom.

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How to build your own news portal without writing any content

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Apr 21,2015 in B2B Marketing How to, B2B communities, Marketing Technology

Many companies, particularly smaller ones, find it difficult to create their own content, and instead resort to curating, reusing or even copying content from other sources. Big no no. Doing this can be time consuming (for little or no reward), risky in terms of copyright issues, and your website may not really be advanced enough to host this kind of content.

We always recommend that companies create their own unique content, and if possible host their own regularly updated blog. But if this is not a feasible undertaking – for reasons relating to time, budget, or technical capabilities – it’s better to take action and join the content publishers than take a backseat and simply watch others succeed in this arena.

There are a number of different tools you can use to create your own bespoke news portal in less than one hour. Yes you read that right - under an hour. It’s the perfect way to provide your audience (both internal and external) with relevant and industry related content that you think will add value.

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What is the return on investment from a B2B online community?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Apr 16,2015 in Marketing Automation, B2B communities

This is the single question, budget holders ask most frequently to both marketers and service providers like us.

Everyone understands what are the benefits of adopting an inbound based, community driving approach. Everyon gets it, however to get the support of the big guys you will need to be able to back up the bold statements you’ll be making with some hard facts.

We’ve drawn upon HubSpot’s research with their 7,000 customers and the findings to demonstrate how a community based marketing strategy can impact your metrics – from website visitors to actual tangible customers.

The ROI is represented in three main areas, visits, leads and sales:

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