16 Mantras for Increasing Your Event Website Visits with Value-Adding Content

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jan 22,2015 in B2B Content Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Social Media, B2B Websites, Event Marketing

One thing is clear, in the world of events to increase website visits you will need to spend money on advertising or you will need to start writing value adding-content that will drive free and organic traffic.

What is value-adding content? The term refers to content you produce for which your sole intention is not to sell but to educate, inform or entertain. In my world event generated content meets the education and information purpose by default. Event organisers should not have any issue with publishing top notch relevant content in the first place. The challenge is repurposing it efficiently to drive engagement and as a result of that engagement intiate/spark/stimulate interest in future events you have coming up.

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B2B event planners – do you know your numbers?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Jan 08,2015 in Event Performance, Marketing Statistics, Conference Marketing

As an event professional, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing the numbers and relevant statistics that indicate whether your event will be successful or not. This does not just apply to the marketing team, and even if you are not directly responsible for tracking these metrics, it’s crucial that you retain a regular awareness. B2B event planners that don’t bother to find out are just relying on wishful thinking to guarantee success; now what kind of strategy is that? Here are the most important numbers to help analyse the success of your event before it even takes place!

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To print or not to print? (Event brochures that is)

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Dec 30,2014 in Direct Marketing, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing, Design & Branding

Conference companies love to brag that they’re “a purely online organisation now” or that they “only do digital”; but has the digital revolution taken the event world a step too far? In the case of traditional event brochures, we think it has. There are several benefits to printing your agenda that simply cannot be overlooked, despite your decreased collateral costs and greater green credentials. Here’s a list of our top reasons why you shouldn’t stop printing:

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8 great ways to grow your event email marketing database

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Tue, Dec 23,2014 in B2B Marketing, Email Marketing, Webinar Marketing, Event Marketing

Email is the holy grail of event marketing, and that doesn’t look set to change just yet. Chances are you’ve got a healthy and reasonably responsive email database, but event companies can’t afford to rest on their laurels – growth is key, and sustaining a consistently increasing number of sign ups is a must. There are a number of ways to go about this, but if you try even one of these tips in the next couple of weeks we’re certain you’ll see the kind of results which will undoubtedly aid your event email marketing strategy for 2015. 

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How to generate the most valuable leads through B2B trade shows

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Dec 18,2014 in Event Performance, Lead Generation

Trade shows and exhibitions are a lucrative environment, for the exhibitors, the organisers, and indeed the attendees. They provide the perfect opportunity to reach key decision makers, grab a moment of their precious time and assess on the spot how qualified they might be as a lead. But how fruitful are these meetings in reality? There are several steps you must take prior to, during, and after the exhibition to guarantee maximum value from such events. Here’s my guide on how to make the most of your expo opportunities:

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Ten to-do's for your LinkedIn event marketing strategy

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Dec 11,2014 in B2B Content Marketing, B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

As an experienced marketer, you’re no doubt aware of the power of LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tool. But are you making the most of it for your events? If used correctly, social media (and LinkedIn specifically) can aid your event marketing strategy enormously, building the credibility of your conference portfolio, and you as an individual event industry leader.

Here are our top ten LinkedIn to-do's to help you raise your profile, engage with your community and ultimately generate leads for your B2B event.

1.       Participate in relevant discussions with your community and industry insiders

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Five phases for optimising B2B event websites for mobile

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Dec 04,2014 in B2B Websites, Event Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Event marketers are wising up to the fact you need to think about optimising for mobile. Usablenet have revealed that 52% of B2B customers now use smartphones to research products for their business, and mobile users now account for 16% of B2B website traffic. Those numbers are only going to increase.

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Stuck on social media for events? Top takeaways from Event Tech Live

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Nov 27,2014 in B2B Social Media, Event Marketing, Inbound Marketing

I recently took part in a panel at Event Tech Live in Shoreditch. My fellow panelists and I were talking all things social media – the current landscape for events, how to effectively market events using it, and what the future holds. You can watch the video here, or if you’d like a quick summary, here are my top takeaways from the session: 

Big Data, big fuss 

  • Big Data is somewhat overhyped (and really many event companies are simply dealing with data, rather than Big Data) – my view is: what’s the point of having a huge amount of data if you don’t know what to do with it? The focus needs to switch from harvesting and analysing all of this data, to actually generating results with it. Twitter offers the most amount of data so the challenge is to get some sort of value out of it 

  • We need to be able to translate followers into delegates. There’s little use in having 100,000 followers if they have no interest in attending your event. Better to have a smaller following, with greater relevance than a huge following (and amount of data) when in reality only a small percentage will attend your events

  • Event companies must also identify who the most influential and active members of their social media communities are and turn them into brand ambassadors

  • Exhibitors are a huge untapped resource for trade shows in particular. Typically they all have their own social media accounts with their own followers, fans and ambassadors. You could be missing out on millions of followers by not engaging them

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B2B event marketers love email - so why do they suck at it?

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Thu, Nov 20,2014

Email marketing is a tricky business. It seems to be most event companies' go-to tactic for spreading the word about their events. They love it. Ironically, they also happen to be rubbish at it. No offence B2B event marketers, but take a look at your conversion rates and tell me I’m wrong!

There are several simple dos and don’ts for increasing your email conversions, and the sales guys will probably buy you a round if you not only find out what they are, but put them into action.

Growing your list


  • Make your subscription sign up super easy. This opt-in box should be prominent on your web pages, particularly your blog

  • Consider partnerships. A non-competitor, say an industry publication, or organisation, may have the same buyer personas and target audience. Try partnering for an event or webinar – something that’s mutually beneficial and exposes both of you to new contacts

  • Minimise unsubscribes. Give recipients the option to unsubscribe from a certain channel of your email marketing (as well as all communications of course) – you’ll keep people who aren’t entirely uninterested in your events this way

  • Target buyer personas. Irrelevance will lose you more contacts than anything else (unless your content is truly terrible). Send the right content to your personas and they’ll be far more likely to remain engaged


  • Buy lists. This will lower your deliverability rate, and could increase your chances of falling into a spam trap, or even getting blacklisted (if you hadn’t guessed from the names, both of these things are really, really bad)

  • Forget how it feels to be interrupted. You might think you’re gaining access to people who haven’t experienced the joy of hearing about your events yet, but consider how likely you’d be to respond positively to such an email yourself?

  • Annoy the sales team. Your click-through rates will suffer dramatically if you engage with unknown recipients, and if you do manage to generate any leads, they’re likely to be of a very poor quality. Take it from us – good leads are generated, not bought

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Want to hire an industry expert for your events? You'll have to find one first!

Posted by Ricardo Molina on Fri, Nov 14,2014 in Marketing Recruitment, Event Marketing, Conference Marketing

The term "event producer" is old, tired and needs to be retired. Aside from being outdated, it has so many meanings now that it’s not really a position you can effectively recruit for. What one company deems an event producer is another event organisation’s content officer, project manager, planner... the list goes on and on!

You need to seek the kind of individual that lives and breathes the industry your event is based around, and is very active within it. These are the people who will truly know what our prospects want, and how to package and deliver it. To get these high quality experts on board you’ll need to discover them at work. The best way to source an industry expert is to think like one – so these are the places you’ll find them:

No surprise; events (maybe even yours!)

Consider an industry event the expert’s natural habitat. They’ll be the ones confidently networking, engaging with speakers and demonstrating a thirst for industry insights. This is where you’ll need to unleash your own networking skills, and approach people you know. You may have come across their name before or recognised them from their social media profile. Get chatting, swap details and if appropriate, let them know you’re looking for someone to drive your events, build a community and truly embody your brand.

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