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Three major trends affecting the future of event companies


The events and conference industry has kicked off to a nice buoyant start this year and we're seeing lots of enthusiasm and commitment for change. We set out to identify the most talked about key trends, predictions and insights that have the conference and events industry buzzing and will most likely impact your business in the not too distant future (if not already!). 

6 Ways to Increase Sales in Event Organisations

Six Ways to Increase Sales in Event Organisations

This is one of those questions that has a multitude of answers but based on my own experience, Conference and Exhibition companies can specifically start with 6 areas of focus in order to make a step change in their top line performance: I’ve been out talking to bosses of small and medium size conference companies lately about their most pressing challenges and, if I was to distil things down to the one most common question, it is, in essence “how do we sell more stuff?”! 

Eleven Most Talked About Predictions for the Conference and Events Industry [SlideShare]

Fortune Cookie Most Talked About Predictions in Event Industry

What is currently happening in the conference and events industry? 

Where are we heading?

Well, like any other fast-growing and successful industry, this is always the topic of conversation when we meet with industry folk or overhear the banter at conference industry events. Every director of a conference, event or exhibition company is asking these questions and it's clear that anyone not thinking ahead will surely be left behind. As successful as the events industry is, nobody can afford to be complacent especially in this entrepreneurial, digital era. 

Seven things you really must do when conducting b2b surveys

fill in our survey and get a copy of the report yeah right

How many times have you filled in a survey and never received the "promised report"?

B2B Email Marketing tips from around the web for event companies

B2B email marketing tips BrightBull

Recently we've been running a series of marketing audits for various conference companies and to be honest have been surprised to see that a lot of B2B email practices from 15 years ago are still being used today.

Words that kill your email conversion rates in event marketing

Words that kill conversion in email marketing BrightBull

2 for 1, discount, early bird, free, offer, save, exclusive, last chance, still time…these words are the back bone of so much event marketing copy. Some of them were probably in the list of “powerful” words you were issued with when you started marketing.

Top 4 Tactics to Improve Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

Pillars for B2B Lead Generation

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the 4 major pillars of B2B lead generation marketing from our recent B2B Lead Generation e-book; blogging, your website, landing pages and social media marketing.

Email Marketing in Events: The subject lines that will make or break your next event

email marketing in events subject lines using the word conference

Arising from our previous post New Rules For Subject Lines in B2B Email Marketing where we looked at some of the key trends affecting email performance that emerged from the 2013 Adestra Subject Line Analysis Report: “Keywords for killer subject lines”, we found a lot of good information that it gave us room to focus on the sub-set of the results that particularly affects you - B2B event marketing and B2B publishing.

Very Helpful Social Media Statistics for B2B Lead Generation

twitter reach vs new leads b2b lead generation ebook brightbull

Social media is no longer new and its lifespan and place in the world is no longer hotly contested, one question that does continue to come up time and time again though is the ROI of social media activities, especially for B2B lead generation. In short, does it really work?

New Rules For Subject Lines in B2B Email Marketing

Adestra Subject Line Report Review on B2B Email Marketing

Time out of the office is great to rest and have a good old read of all the things you didn't get around to - a taste of my festive break! As a bit of a marketing geek I love to catch up on what's out there on the web and for me one of the best reports from last year was the Adestra Subject Line Analysis Report: “Keywords for killer subject lines”

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