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Event producers are out, industry experts are in

event producers are out industry experts are in

The term ‘event producer’ is pretty old school. The once straightforward task of managing and marketing an event programme doesn’t really exist anymore. Now, as someone responsible for building an event programme you need to adopt a more editorial role. Furthermore, you are required to be an ‘industry expert’. In other words, you need to understand the content and context of your event and the interests of the B2B audience your event aims to reach.

Are B2B marketers drowning in content? Top 3 takeaways from B2B Marketing's Content Benchmarking Infographic

Are B2B marketers drowning in content top 3 takeaways from B2B Marketings Benchmarking Report

B2B Marketing recently published its 2014 Content Benchmarking report, and summarised the key points in an infographic which sparked our imagination, so we put together our top takeaways as digestible, actionable insights.

The Battle: B2B Conference Organisers vs Publishers

b2b battle conference organisers vs publishers

WARNING: Publishers are invading your territory! Are you prepared for the battle?

Just as we have our challenges in the B2B events space, B2B publishers are also feeling the pinch. The old model of B2B publishing just isn’t working anymore. Not only are publishers seeing a reduction in advertising revenue, but their readers no longer want to pay up. With so much freely available information online, paying subscribers are declining in numbers. As a result, B2B publishers are encroaching on conference territory. And why shouldn’t they? 

17 Examples of B2B Online Communities - how the big hitters go about it

describe the image

Almost every time I speak to event industry leaders about reinvigorating their event marketing, the topic of online communities comes up, followed by the question: how are the big players in events driving online engagement with their communities?

6 Tips to Creating Consistent Growth in Your Event Sales Department

Creating Growth Event Sales

I have now sat in a room with too many small event company owners and CEO’s who are somewhere between intensely and mildly frustrated by the performance of their sales teams, to not share some ways towards sustainable improved results and mental health

12 must attend events for events professionals


I love our industry and it's great to see there are more and more events and conferences popping up for our own folk. In fact last week we were speaking on a panel session on "Inbound Marketing for Conferences" - it was great to see some of you there.

Interestingly enough June and November seem to be particularly busy for the events world. Fortunately there's a good variety of them, some of which are more marketing related, that we all should put in our diaries and make a point of attending.

The weather is finally hotting up and so are the events out there for events and conference marketing professionals - here goes our top 12:

B2B events stickiness: the winning formula

B2B event stickiness

In challenging economic times, the B2B events experience must consist of a whole lot more than a good excuse to escape the office. We know that delegate budgets are being squeezed and employees have little time to spare, and in the context of this environment, it is likely that mediocre events will fail.

The delegate sales squeeze: a guide for B2B event marketers

B2B events marketing delegate squeeze

It’s not news that delegate sales are declining. In fact, I think it’s safe to say, that for B2B event marketers it’s one of our biggest headaches. But, don’t worry, this is not a ‘woe is me’ blog it’s all about adopting some PMA (positive mental attitude) and focusing on the benefits of face-to-face. Let’s take the bull by the horns and address the delegate sales squeeze…

The power of video in B2B event marketing

B2B video marketing for events

In a recent blog post we discussed the importance of inbound content for B2B event marketers. Of all the many strands of online content marketers have at their disposal, video is perhaps the most compelling and engaging. It is also a firm favourite amongst B2B audiences.

Inbound marketing for conferences. What's the score?

inbound marketing whats the score

The conference and events industry are scratching their heads about what they can do to drive delegate attendance, conference ticket sales and in general how they can achieve sexier marketing.

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