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Posted by Sonia Molina on Sat, Apr 05,2014


The Client: Technology Strategy Board

The Project: Future Health Mission The Technology Strategy Board and UK Trade and Investment jointly designed an entrepreneur focused ‘Mission’ to Boston to coincide with Advamed. The goal of the Mission was to help twenty of the UK’s early stage and fast growing health technology companies do business in the US and overseas. BrightBull was commissioned to drive interest to the website and encourage website visits, expressions of interest, webinar registrants and quality applications by the given submission deadline. We had a short leadtime of 5 weeks to devise and deploy an effective, measurable online campaign. The Impact: Within days of launching the campaign, applications for funding were coming in. 13% of website traffic during the campaign period converted to a lead and 3.2% of website traffic completed the funding application, resulting in a total number of application above expectations for the management team. We also successfully established links and partnerships with key influencers which impacted the viral effect of the overall campaign.

Client Testimonial: “We worked with BrightBull to support the acquisition of applicants to our Health Mission. BrightBull worked on a very tight schedule and had a clear objective of driving quality applications and measuring the outcome of the activity. We were very pleased with the success and results of the campaign and it provided us with a new benchmark for ongoing activities including invaluable insight for our webinar campaigns and our email marketing.”
Head of Outreach, Technology Strategy Board

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