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    We get your challenges

    as ex client-side marketers we've been in your shoes and believe we have created an agency that truly reflects that


About us

We're a collective of talented marketing and digital specialists. Founded by ex-client side marketers, we get your challenges and this has really defined the way we work.

We work with fast-growing B2B organisations focused on digital marketing transformation and growth. From inbound strategy to creative automated campaigns, remarkable content, and social, we help our clients deliver leads and drive revenue.

If you are an ambitious company looking for a specialist digital marketing company to work with, get in touch if you're looking: 

  • For expertise in B2B, media, publishing, events and exhibitions
  • To build your audience, leads and conversions
  • To develop an online community
  • To create relevant and engaging content
  • To take your marketing beyond just product by product campaigns
  • To automate your marketing and communications
  • For strategic insight and training for your team
  • To take your existing inbound marketing to the next level 
BrightBull are Gold certified Hubspot partners. We're an independent UK based agency in formal partnership with Increnta, a European based agency. 



Our team 

Ricardo Molina, Co-Founder and DirectorRicardoMolina-BrightBull

Ricardo leads the B2B marketing, content and inbound teams within BrightBull.

Ricardo has a proven track record of delivering high-level B2B marketing strategies for over 15 years in conference, exhibitions, publishing and start up environments.

Ricardo's marketing career began in Latin America, where he managed a key account for an award-winning retailer. He moved to London in 1998 and used his skills as Divisional Marketing Director to deliver a successful portfolio of over 150 events per year for global business information company IQPC.

Ricardo has considerable experience in advising Managing Directors of Events and Conference companies, events and expo entrepreneurs as well as training Marketing Directors and Marketing teams within B2B organisations.  Ricardo’s mission is to shake up the B2B and Events environment through inbound marketing. He also loves to write his views on the BrightBull blog.


Sonia Molina, Co-Founder and DirectorBrightbull_116b-resized-600

Before forming BrightBull with Ricardo in 2007, she worked in strategic marketing and client services roles. She began her career in the publishing and business information environments, spending two years in New York developing a successful food and beverage brand for a global company.

Sonia then moved into the world of media, working for News International to head up the marketing of membership programme “The Sunday Times Enterprise Network”. Following that, she worked with Nectar/Loyalty Management UK leading high profile accounts Whitbread and Thomson Holidays and securing renewal contracts.

At BrightBull, Sonia works closely with clients to ensure their marketing achieves all objectives. In addition to building smart marketing strategies, Sonia has extensive experience in managing and executing measurable campaigns as well as launching into emerging markets. 


The rest of the team



Susana Osorio

HubSpot Specialist

Susana works as our Inbound Marketing Specialist developing, executing, and monitoring marketing programs across a variety of channels.

Her work includes market research and analysing trends to help define our client's strategies and campaigns. Susana has a love for writing and creating engaging content.




Maria Luna Mora

HubSpot Specialist 

Maria Luna draws her creativity and inspiration from her digital marketing background. She has great experience on both client and company side.

She plays a key role in the marketing team ensuring client onboardings are achieved seamlessly and on time. Maria Luna also supports BrightBull with its expansion into Latin American markets. 


Jorge Cadavid

Creative Director

Jorge is our lead creative bringing over 20 years experience working with leading marketing and event agencies in Latin America. He has successfully driven award winning campaigns for leading Latin American companies and not only brings impeccable design and creativity to the table but also a deep insight into strategy and marketing in this emerging market. 

Jorge is also driving BrightBull’s operation in LatAm specifically ensuring that our clients have a logistical footstep with their events in the region.